How Do You Usually Determine If Someone Has Commitment Issues Early On?

When this person tells you about their past relationships, extrapolate clues that aid in determining if they have commitment issues.

How Do You Usually Determine If Someone Has Commitment Issues Early On?How long did their previous romantic relationships last?

How happy was this person in those relationships?

Does this person tend to tell you positive things about their previous relationships or negative things?

In these discussions, does this person obsess on themselves and how their needs weren’t met by a previous partner?

Use what you learn about their previous romantic relationships as your guide.

When they have had short romantic relationships in the past that barely lasted a few months, they have commitment issues.

When they have been unhappy in those relationships, it has much to do with an incapability of accepting their partner’s flaws.

This compels them to move on to alternative prospects extremely quickly, due to their quest for perfection in a partner.

A person who has a propensity to talk about negative things when it comes to their previous relationships, is apt to look for someone to blame and never accepts responsibility.

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A person like this doesn’t want to work through problems that arise during the course of a relationship.

This means that they have a tendency to abandon ship the moment the relationship hits an iceberg or a rocky patch.

A person who is primarily fixated on how their needs weren’t met in these relationships is selfish.

When they are only concerned about what they can get out of a relationship, they won’t care about their partner’s needs.

The relationship is one-sided when the person isn’t committed to fulfilling the needs of their partner, and only cares about fulfilling their own needs.

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This leads to despair and unhappiness, culminating in a relationship that doesn’t last.

These are the clues you can take from what this person tells you about their previous relationships, or what you hear from this person’s friends, family, or colleagues about their previous relationships.

When you are getting these accounts from friends, family, colleagues, or this person’s previous partners, and there are similarities in what you are hearing, these accounts are true.

How often they flake on dates or on ventures that you both agreed to do beforehand is another factor.

A person who has a habit of setting something up with you but fails to show up or complete the venture, they have commitment issues.

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Not making it to dates and constantly coming up with excuses is a bad sign.

These excuses add up.

When this person can’t make it to dates on a regular basis, they are already showing traits of disloyalty.

When they say that they intend to accomplish a specific task with you but end up not following through, they are not trustworthy.

These are early signs that you are talking with a person who has commitment issues.

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A lack of commitment to dates or tasks leads to a lack of commitment to the relationship as a whole.

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