How To Start A Conversation With A Girl That I Just Added On Facebook?

Start a conversation with a girl that you just added on Facebook by asking her questions about her photos.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl That I Just Added On Facebook?Pinpoint interesting photos on her Facebook profile and ask her intelligent questions about one or more of them.

These are intelligent questions that answer what you are curious about.

Where exactly did she take said photo?

What inspired her to travel to this location and take said photo?

Her photos and answers give you further insight into whether there is a parallel with your own life experiences.

In the event you observe that she took a photo in an area you have been to, or want to travel to, you have already drawn a parallel with her.

You have found a commonality in interests that inspires a conversation where you are relating to her in ways that connect with her emotionally.

If you are worried about using such a direct approach, there is an indirect approach.

Get into a pattern of liking comments that her friends make on her profile, putting insightful thoughts or opinions after doing so.

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As you keep doing this, she is likely to take notice.

She is now reading your comments and approving of what you have to say.

Sometimes, she disagrees with a comment, but appreciates the fact that you are respectfully speaking your mind.

This makes her want to learn more about you which compels her to start a conversation with you, having enjoyed weeks of reading your insights on her Facebook posts.

This is a method that is effective, but has a drawback in that it can take a while for her to finally initiate a conversation with you.

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To avoid having to wait, there is an alternative strategy to starting a conversation with a girl you just added on Facebook.

Send her an invite her to an event that you are organizing.

The event has to be one that relates to what she frequently talks or posts about on her Facebook page.

You and your followers talk about this topic on a regular basis on your own Facebook posts.

In your invite, inform her that you and your followers are having an event that is dedicated to this topic and that she is in invited to take part in it.

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This strategy triggers a sense of connection for you within her, given the mutual passion shared for this topic.

Being that you are organizing the event, you have instantly given her the impression that you take initiative and lead.

Girls are turned on by guys with the qualities of leadership.

In getting the impression that you are this type of guy, she deems you confident, which piques her interest in you.

All of this sounds well and good, but in the event you aren’t an organizer or leader, there is yet another avenue to start a conversation with a girl that you just added to Facebook.

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Befriend her followers.

Entice them into becoming your followers so that they become increasingly familiar with you.

Invite her followers to events on your Facebook page.

As they learn about you and start liking you, they are bound to spread the good word to this girl about how amazing your Facebook page is, and how it relates to subjects she is passionate about.

This compels her to check out your Facebook page, and in liking what she sees, she either starts a conversation with you directly through sending a DM, or indirectly through liking a post.

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To keep her attention, and have her keep coming back to your Facebook page, put in the work to maintain a compelling Facebook page.

The last thing you want is for her to return to your Facebook page, realize it hasn’t been updated since she last visited, and concluding that you are boring or a fraud.

Maintain a compelling Facebook pager by frequently updating it with great photos as you engage in fun and entertaining conversations with your followers.

This impresses on her that you are social and passionate, which keeps her coming back to your Facebook page, feeling compelled to engage with you in conversation.

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