Should I Just Block Him On Every Social Media Platform?

Should I Just Block Him On Every Social Media Platform?

You have to understand where your emotions are at this point.

Really try not to get carried away by them.

You may feel that by blocking him on every social media platform, you would be getting back at him in some way or showing him that you aren’t interested.

However, you are actually showing the opposite of that if you do it.

You would be showing him that you care so much that you are willing to put out the effort to block him on all of your social media platforms.

That does take some time to do and does show that you were being emotional about it all.

This may not be the kind of impression you want to give him.

If you are hoping that he starts acting right and contacts you more frequently, blocking him on every social media platform isn’t necessarily going to get him to do it.

As I mentioned earlier, he may notice this behavior and get the impression that you are being whiny or even a little needy.

If you want him to do more as far as getting to know you or taking you out, your focus should be on living as full a life as possible.

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You should get out there and continue being social.

You should engage in different fun activities and put those photos up on your social media pages.

You should make new friends and learn about their lives.

You should challenge yourself by picking up new hobbies and finding which ones you will want to stay with for the long-term.

When you live life in this way, you are not spending every waking moment wondering why this guy hasn’t asked you out or hasn’t tried to get to know you.

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You would be too busy living your life to the fullest.

It is this kind of behavior that can actually lead him to take you more seriously.

He may be attracted to what you have been doing.

He may also be drawn to the fact that you haven’t been blocking him on your social media platforms.

He may be used to other girls doing that, but you chose not to do it.

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This makes you different.

On top of all that, you also seem to be having the time of your life and you are just having so much fun without him in your life.

This is what can actually draw his curiosity and make him want to know more about you or ask you out.

The point here is that, you shouldn’t react emotionally to something that you truly have no real control over.

A guy who may have a lot of options when it comes to girls may get used to the fact that he will always get their attention.

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However, when you show him a sense of maturity and independence, he may be completely drawn to that.

He may wonder what makes you so different from all the other girls who have gotten frustrated with him in the past and blocked him on their social media platforms.

You need to be the girl that is different. This is how you stand out.

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