Why Do Guys Avoid Solid Date Plans When They Get To Know Me Better?

Why Do Guys Avoid Solid Date Plans When They Get To Know Me Better?

They feel like they know too much.

Getting to know someone is a thrilling facet to dating.

It is like a journey that you are about to embark on.

Sometimes, that journey is ruined when so much of yourself is revealed before an actual date occurs.

There is a reason why people are drawn to the mysterious.

It makes them curious and want to know more.

Guys who avoid making solid date plans with you when they have gotten to know you better, are sending the message that there isn’t enough mystery.

They have so much information about you that the intrigue is lost.

Once they have lost intrigue, it’s challenging for them to set up a solid date.

Why set it up?

They already know so much about you, a date feels like a waste of their time.

In the getting to know you stage, there is nothing wrong with being open about who you are and what you are about.

Revealing everything about you is too premature though.

Give the guys just enough to make them curious about you but not everything.

You are making the miscalculation of giving guys too much information or showing them too much of your character.

By the time you think that a solid date is about to happen, the guys are not coming through, having lost any sense of mystery about you.

Giving guys just enough to leave them wanting more is how the game is played.

You have to give them a reason to want to take the time, money and effort to ask you out on a solid date.

Keep some details to yourself.

Don’t reveal everything.

Hold some cards to your chest, forcing guys who want to learn more to ask for that solid date.

Desperation plays a hand too, but you haven’t noticed it.

Sometimes, a guy interprets how forthcoming you are as a sign of someone desperate for a relationship or attention.

Look back at what you do when you are interested in a guy.

Do you talk a bit too much?

Are you a bit too friendly?

There is a chance that you are.

When you do this, a guy asserts that you are eagerly looking to get involved in a relationship.

Without feeling the sense that you are someone who is a challenge to chase, he is turned off and refrains from setting up a solid date with you.

As he is acquainted with you better, this feeling grows.

He senses an overeagerness on your part.

This makes him feel like you are needy.

A guy has to feel like you are a prize.

This is what motivates most guys to ask a girl out.

When you are overeager, he is of the impression that you are game to date just about anyone.

This doesn’t make you a prize and you lose out on him setting up a solid date with you.

Temper your eagerness.


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One thought on “Why Do Guys Avoid Solid Date Plans When They Get To Know Me Better?”

  1. HI, this makes it all seem to like it’s the women’s fault she wasn’t mysterious enough. She didn’t make herself out to be a prize. What if he just wasn’t looking for a relationship? Or what if he was lying to her and was seeing other girls as well. Or what if there was nothing she could have done differently because he just wasn’t ready to commit? Or what if the reason why he left was that he was a selfish A-hole.

    After reading this post it makes the women question herself. What if we should be questioning him?

    What if it wasn’t her fault at all?

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