How Do I Know If I’m Emotionally Draining My Boyfriend?

How Do I Know If I'm Emotionally Draining My Boyfriend?

His affection for you suffers.

When you are emotionally draining, he isn’t hugging you as much nor getting intimate with you as frequently.

In addition, he doesn’t want to be around you as much as he used to.

Knowing that you are emotionally draining, he knows that being around you always sucks all the energy out of him.

As a result, he isn’t going out on as many dates with you nor hanging out with you at home as much.

He comes up with excuses not to see you.

Even when you two have arranged a date or a hangout, there are several occasions where he cancels on them or reschedules.

He agrees to these dates and hangouts initially, so as not to get into arguments with you.

Nevertheless, when the time arrives to partake in it, he has an excuse.

When you are emotionally draining your boyfriend, he has low energy when you two are together.

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He doesn’t want to have to do more than he has to.

It feels like he is just going through the motions when you are with him, and he normally can’t wait to leave.

The sad thing is, all of this could have been avoided if you had communicated with your boyfriend in the early stages about what you need in a relationship to feel loved and safe.

When you don’t do this early, you run the risk of building up a deficit.

As weeks and months go by with those needs not being met, it builds up a feverish desire in you.

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Eventually, you can’t take it anymore.

You put matters into your own hands as you try to make up for lost time.

All of a sudden, you are demanding more affection, hugs, compliments, phone calls and texts, dates, hangouts, etc.

Whatever you weren’t getting in adequate amounts takes the forefront and you want it all.

This is way too much at one time for your boyfriend.

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A boyfriend who wasn’t made aware of what you need in a relationship to feel loved and safe.

There has been a deficit for several months and now you are making up for lost time.

To your boyfriend, this is a totally new side to you.

You have gone from the laid-back, happy-go-lucky girlfriend, to the clingy girlfriend who craves all of his attention.

It’s extremely difficult to suddenly make an adjustment and address all of your needs when they are coming at him so hard and fast.

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It isn’t a wonder that many boyfriends who are in this position soon break up with their girlfriends.

You have found this article in a nick of time.

Your boyfriend is yet to break up with you.

Rest assured, he is thinking about it.

Back up.

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Ease off the pressure.

Show him your independence by drastically cutting back on the calling and texting, and the demands that he make more time for you.

Show him that you are capable of living independently, as you pick up new hobbies and interests, and hang out with your own friends more often.

This makes him no longer feel as smothered by you.

In return, he starts showing a greater amount of affection towards you and wants to spend more quality time with you, on his own volition.

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That is pivotal.

It has to be on his own volition.

When you keep forcing it, you are emotionally draining him.

It ends up overwhelming him, putting your relationship with him on a path to an inevitable breakup.

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