If A Girl Gives Out Her Number To A Guy, How Long Is Normal Before A Potential Text From Him?

There is no definitive time frame on when it is normal to receive a potential text from a guy, after giving out your number to him.

If A Girl Gives Out Her Number To A Guy, How Long Is Normal Before A Potential Text From Him?There are guys that contact a girl that same day, and guys that take longer.

Worse, there are guys who never text the girl at all.

Don’t sit by your phone, or hang on to it for dear life, waiting for his call or text.

For most guys, the likelihood of them calling you depends on what stage in life they are in and how well their conversation with you went.

If you both had a great conversation, or there was strong mutual attraction, you hear from him in a day to three days.

This is due to the effect that you had on him still being fresh in his mind, and his desire to have that exchange again.

He wants to go back to that source that made him feel good.

Other guys have a one week rule.

They have been taught that they need to give it about a week before they text a girl so as not to appear too desperate and to have her wanting.

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This is not the best rule but a number of guys do go by it.

Then there is the guy who doesn’t contact you for weeks, you have probably moved on believing that he wasn’t interested, and all of a sudden he sends you a text out of nowhere.

Why did he take 3 weeks or more to send you this text?

A guy who takes this long to contact you doesn’t consider you as a priority in his life.

He was already seeing someone at the time that he got your number.

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There are guys who still have a girlfriend when they get a girl’s number.

They get the girl’s number for a few reasons.

They had an argument with their girlfriend, with either partner deciding to take a break from the relationship.

During this break from the girlfriend, he is feeling neglected, and decides to talk to you to see whether he can get your number.

It isn’t out of the question that at the time he was talking to you, he taught his relationship with his girlfriend was close to an end, and he might as well start talking to new girls and collect phone numbers.

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There was someone else in the picture, and oftentimes, that person was a girlfriend.

A few weeks to a month has passed and that relationship has now died.

As a result, they decide to text you.

It never feels particularly good to be the one that they fall back on.

Most people don’t want to be the next best thing by default.

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They like it when they are the number one choice.

Then there are the guys who end up never texting.

This happens when the guy had no real interest in the first place.

If you were the one who was pushing most of the conversation when you were chatting with the guy, and he was basically reacting without contributing too much, this is the prime candidate who would never text you after the fact.

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