How To Deal With Guys That Keep On Texting But Do Not Ask You Out?

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How To Deal With Guys That Keep On Texting But Do Not Ask You Out?

One of the best ways to deal with guys that keep on texting but do not ask you out is to ask them out.

You can do this in a way that doesn’t feel forced while in conversation.

For this to work, you really have to be paying attention to what is being discussed in your texts.

For example, during one of your text conversations, this guy may bring up the topic of a particular movie that he heard was good or just had a sequel released in theaters.

You can use this as an opportunity to tell him that you could see the movie with him this Friday.

This would be mentioned in the natural flow of the conversation and wouldn’t seem odd.

At this point, he would have to give you a response.

If he truly likes you, he would agree.

If he doesn’t, he would give you an excuse.

This is how you know.

You would really have to do something like this so that you don’t keep wasting your time with a guy who is simply texting you for his own selfish reasons.

These reasons could be because he is bored and you are fun to talk to.

Obviously, this would mean that he has no romantic interest in you.

This wouldn’t be worth your while if you have romantic inclinations toward him.

The sooner you get him to act, the better it will be.

You wouldn’t have to continue guessing about him.

You wouldn’t have to keep wondering where his mind or heart is.

You wouldn’t keep hoping for something that may or not be there.

You would have your answer.

You could use this method with anything that he tends to talk about while texting you.

He may often talk about a particular pizza joint that he likes to go to and how good it is.

You could use that opportunity to tell him that you love pizza and you have never been to that particular pizza joint.

You would then suggest meeting there for lunch or after work on some day.

Again, this would be suggested in the natural flow of the conversation and wouldn’t seem forced or made completely out of nowhere.

If he were to agree, you would have began the process of finding out if there is a future in dating for the both of you.

Another effective way to deal with guys who keep on texting but don’t ask you out is to stop being so available whenever they text.

You don’t always have to reply right away.

Let him miss you somewhat.

Let him start getting a sense that you aren’t always going to be at his beck and call to respond.

When he starts getting a sense that he may be losing your attention and interest, he may feel inclined to ask you out.

He may realize that he has taken this texting too far and needs to take action.

When you take your time to respond to his texts from time to time, he will wonder about you. He may even wonder whether you are currently out on a date.

The next time he corresponds with you, he may ask you about where you were.

You could joke around and ask him if he was worried that you were out on a date.

He may laugh at this but he would get the point.

He would realize that you are not going to be waiting on him forever.

This alone may force him to take action and ask you out if he truly likes you.

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