The Guy I’m Trying To See Never Has Enough Time For Me. Should I Just Move On?

When a guy isn’t giving you his time, you are not that important to him nor a priority in his life.

The Guy I'm Trying To See Never Has Enough Time For Me. Should I Just Move On?Even when he has the time, he isn’t spending much of it with you.

He isn’t looking to share this time with you.

Instead, he prefers spending that time with his friends, talking to girls, or playing video games.

He wants to spend his free time going out to the local pubs or working on a personal project.

He is spending this time playing a sport that he loves.

In the end, he isn’t dedicating much or any of his time to you.

Clearly, he is finding the time to do what he loves.

If you have seen him active on social media, this is time he is spending online.

He is clearly a social person and knows how to socialize with people.

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When he spends time with his friends, he is showing that he does have the time.

Unfortunately, he has no real interest in spending some of that time with you.

When he comes up with excuses why he can’t make time for you, he is leading you on.

He can make time.

Of course he can.

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He is capable of making time for all these various activities I described earlier.

He has the capacity to make time if he wants to.

There are occasions where he tells you that he will hang out with you, but then he doesn’t follow through almost every time.

A guy does this when he is showing a lack of strong interest.

He has priorities that are far more important to him.

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When two people are interested in each other, they make time for each other.

The curiosity about each other is a catalyst that leads to more shared moments.

If there is no curiosity on his part, there is no passion.

When there is no passion, he avoids spending time with you.

His passions lay elsewhere.

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His passions lay with his friends, hobbies, goals, habits, etc.

He doesn’t want to fit you into all this, as he doesn’t want to dedicate the energy into doing so.

It’s easy to get blinded by how much you like this guy.

You want him to spend time with you so bad that you give him excuses.

You excuse his behavior by making yourself believe that he was sick when he told you he was, even though you saw him all over social media that day.

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His bad behavior is excused.

Conveniently, you overlooked the fact that he told you he would take you out but flaked.

His excuse?

An emergency suddenly came up on the day of.

That is too convenient.

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An amalgamation of bad behavior and excuses is your cue that it is time to move on.

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