Why Does Heartbreak Hurt So Much?

Why Does Heartbreak Hurt So Much?

Heartbreak hurts so much because you had so much hope for the relationship.

You really thought that this would be the relationship that would take you to a happy place in your life.

You felt that you were so right for each other.

Perhaps, you were so sure of this that you wouldn’t allow any doubt to come into your mind.

It was too good and you just didn’t want anything to mess it up.

You become so emotionally attached to the outcome that you hope will occur that you just cast a blind eye to things about the person that you loved that should have drawn up a red flag.

This person has to be perfect after all. He just makes you feel so good.

Forget about the fact that he seems to have anger issues or tends to not listen to what you have to say.

He will come around eventually after all. He will learn to temper his anger and pay closer attention to what you have to say.

You just keep focusing on what you want to believe but ultimately come to the point where everything about him that you have been ignoring has now come to light.

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It has now become a problem that you can’t overcome.

The relationship is now over and you are experiencing heartbreak that hurts so much.

This is something that often happens to people when they are so in love.

They put the blinders on.

By so doing, they keep the relationship going.

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As they keep the relationship going, they are becoming more and more emotionally involved in someone that they probably shouldn’t be with.

You saw the red flags all along.

You just chose to ignore them.

This is one of those outcomes that you really have to draw a meaningful and helpful lesson from.

To increase your chances of avoiding further heartbreak in the future, be cognizant of those red flags.

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If there is something about your partner that is giving you pause, it should be addressed before you allow yourself to fall deeper and deeper for someone who will ultimately hurt you in the end.

Another reason why heartbreak hurts so much is because we as human beings have a habit of placing the responsibility for our entire happiness on our partners.

When you do this, you are putting yourself in a very dangerous position.

When you rely on your partner to be the provider of your happiness, you are not placing much importance on your own sense of self-worth.

Your partner is only a human being.

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He is susceptible to temptation and is flawed.

He may hurt you because he simply can’t keep up on that responsibility to always make you happy.

As a human being, he is going to have his good and bad days.

He may even reach a point where he just has a meltdown due to outside stress or pressure.

Where would you be then?

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This person that you are dependent on for your happiness is not even happy with himself.

Now, you are in a really tough position.

Here comes the heartbreak and the hurt.

You can’t rely on your partner to be your sole source of happiness.

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