Do Boys Remember The Stuff We Tell Them Or No?

Do Boys Remember The Stuff We Tell Them Or No?

It really depends on how much the boy likes you.

When he likes you quite a bit, he will be more attentive to what you have to say and would be more likely to remember some of the stuff you tell him.

He may not remember everything.

He may not remember the parts that you believed were the most noteworthy.

However, this is often because the guy will be selective in what he remembers.

He would be more likely to remember something that you mentioned that either shocked him or he could relate to.

Hence, when you start asking him about what he thinks about a particular topic that was discussed in the past and he doesn’t remember, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he wasn’t paying attention or isn’t interested in you.

More than likely, he remembers something else.

He will be more likely to remember the fact that you told him that you tend to pick your nose when no one is watching than the fact that you told him about what your favorite season is.

This may not seem like the best thing to remember but understand that a guy tends to be selective in what he remembers.

While you may recall everything that he told you, he may be a lot more selective in what he recalls because this is just how he functions.

He may recall the fact that you told him how much you love watching or partaking in dirt bike riding because he can relate to that.

He may be a fan of dirt bike riding as well.

Hence, this part of the discussion is what sticks out to him and he would be more prone to remember it.

It is like a part of his brain lights up when he hears this and leaves a lingering effect on his memory.

When a guy can relate to you with something, he is more likely to remember the stuff that was said in relation to that connection as opposed to topics of general conversation.

I know that this may be difficult for you to grasp because you tend to remember everything that was said in a discussion whether the topics were shocking or not or whether they related to you or not.

However, a guy’s mind tends to work differently.

As long as he does remember certain parts of the discussion that he can then go on to talk about in retrospective detail, don’t be too worried that he didn’t remember all of it.

The boys who don’t remember the stuff that you tell them entirely are the ones who are either not very serious about you or are talking to many girls at the same time.

When his mind is too concerned with the next girl he is about to talk to after he is done talking to you, he is not entirely present.

Hence, he won’t remember details.

It is also quite difficult for a guy to remember past conversations when he is talking to several girls at the same time.

You may even discover that he may start mixing things up.

He may mention something you said in a past conversation that you never even said.

He essentially has confused a discussion with another girl with a discussion he had with you.

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