How Do I Let Go Of A Lot Of Hurt?

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How Do I Let Go Of A Lot Of Hurt?

This hurt that you are feeling is an emotion.

An emotion is temporary.

When you realize that your emotion is temporary, there is no advantage in giving that emotion much power by dwelling on it.

Whenever the hurt assails you, take a moment to remember that the emotion you feel is temporary in nature.

The one thing that prolongs it, is you.

Your mind is the key.

Emotion is temporary.

Say that to yourself again and again.

This mindset is what releases the hurt.

A reason why we, as human beings, hold on to hurt without realizing our ability to release it, is based on our life experience with hurt and suffering.

You remember what it felt like to be betrayed in our past relationships.

You have witnessed loved ones going through rough times and felt the repercussions of their hurt.

The fear that history is repeating itself is terrifying.

You dwell on that terror, forgetting that all of your past experiences with hurt were, in and of themselves, temporary.

It took longer for the hurt to pass because you held on to the terror, but these painful moments eventually ended.

Think about how much better off you are now that you know you have so much more power to end hurt without having to dwell in it for days, weeks, months or years.

Remember, it’s temporary.

Hurt isn’t generated from outside ourselves.

It is generated from within ourselves.

Hurt is a stimuli that is created within ourselves, powered by our past hurts and insecurities.

Once you come to terms with this and realize the incredible control you have over your mind, hurt has no room to manifest nor fester.

You are in the driver’s seat here.

When you give hurt so much attention, you are only fomenting the fire.

This isn’t what you want.

Instead, draw your attention to other areas of your life that are positive and engaging.

Where there is a passion that you have, let your thoughts focus on that.

Do you have a passion for music?

Play music whenever you feel yourself slipping into an emotion of hurt.

These are the moments that you need to use your passions and pastime activities to help you overcome the thoughts that prolong the hurting.

Be aware of these hurtful thoughts as they arise.

They sneak up on you.

One moment you are fine, then suddenly, these hurtful thoughts overwhelm your mind for several minutes.

Recognize the familiar images and thoughts associated with the hurt when they arise.

The moment you know that those hurtful thoughts have come into your consciousness, direct your thoughts to something else.

Direct them to a passion, such as, going outside and practicing photography, listening to your favorite music, calling a friend or family member, etc.

Direct your thoughts to an activity that makes you happy and makes you feel good.

Once you get into the habit of doing this, you come to realize how quickly those hurtful feelings dissipate.

You are no longer giving these hurtful thoughts power, as you know that they are temporary.

You are vigilant and aware of them when they arise, so that you direct your thoughts to happier activities.

There has to be a conscious decision on your part to tackle the hurt.

When you follow the right measures and do so on a consistent basis, you succeed in letting the hurt go.

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