Why Do I Miss My Boyfriend So Much? Are My Feelings Getting Stronger?

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Why Do I Miss My Boyfriend So Much? Are My Feelings Getting Stronger?

You may be missing your boyfriend so much because you are becoming emotionally attached to him.

Your feelings do get stronger over time.

This happens especially if you are in a close relationship where you both tend to share almost everything.

When your boyfriend is away from you, you begin to feel like a physical and emotional part of you is missing. It’s like you are missing your other physical half.

This kind of emotional attachment has a lot to do with the chemicals released in our brains as we begin to fall in love.

It’s a strong emotion.

Dopamine is one such chemical.

It makes you feel euphoric, elated and attached.

Hence, the experiences you may be going through right now are typically a result of a deluge of both physiological and psychological triggers.

These triggers can be profound.

Also, there may be a part of you that gets worried when your boyfriend is not around. You may feel like for whatever reason, you are missing out on something.

You may not even like the idea that he may be around other people.

This is not because you are necessarily the jealous type but simply because you feel like you should be taking up most of his time and if he is with others, you are missing out on that time.

Hence, you miss him.

There really is a sense of ownership that comes with these types of feelings that only get stronger with time.

That sense of ownership can be very potent.

It’s the same thing that happens when you get attached to a pet for instance.

If you notice that the pet is giving a little bit too much attention to a friend or family member, you may feel left out.

Again, it is a natural human reaction when you start feeling emotional attachment.

Though you may be feeling the emotional attachment, it’s imperative that you don’t allow yourself to get too caught up in it.

Avoid thinking too much about it.

Try focusing on other activities when the thoughts become too much.

This enables you to avoid possibly turning off your boyfriend by becoming too overbearing or clingy towards him.

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