Why Do So Many Girls Smile And Flirt With My Boyfriend When We Are In Public Together?

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Why Do So Many Girls Smile And Flirt With My Boyfriend When We Are In Public Together?

They find him attractive.

Girls are visual too.

When they see an attractive guy, they can get excited as well.

They smile at him because they hope that he notices them.

They flirt because they want him to know that they are interested.

Yes, you may be right there with him in public but for many girls, this doesn’t really matter.

If anything, your presence may create a sense of competition.

Human beings are innately selfish in a number of ways.

Once we see something we like that is physically appealing and affects us in an emotional way, it can become all about us.

We forget or conveniently ignore the fact that this person is taken.

We just want what we want.

Some other girls will be more subtle with their admiration, while others will be quite obvious.

Listen, you should understand that your boyfriend is most likely very attractive.

This is probably the very first thing you noticed about him before you started dating him and ultimately got into a relationship with him.

Things don’t suddenly change because you are now in a relationship.

The same physical appeal that you saw in him when you first met him is the same physical appeal that he has today.

You are not the only one with eyes for him.

Girls will often smile and flirt with your boyfriend when you are in public together because they see a guy who is taken and can easily find this appealing.

When a guy is attractive and also taken, he is a precious commodity.

Most girls love a challenge when it comes to guys.

When a guy is attractive and is also taken, he is a challenge.

He is the forbidden fruit.

Remember when you were a child and a person in authority, perhaps a parent or teacher, told you not to do something and you did it anyway?

Well, that mentality doesn’t entirely go away because you are now an adult.

There is something alluring about doing something that you have been told not to do or you are made to believe is off limits.

When these girls see you with him, they see you with the forbidden fruit.

There is a trigger of desire that sets in.

They realize that he is someone that is taken and must thereby be desirable.

So maybe this guy isn’t only physically appealing but he is also a gem as a person.

After all, you are with him.

So there may be even more to him than his outward physical appearance.

They begin to wonder what it would be like to be the one in the position that you are in by his side.

They take this moment to give you a closer look as they begin to examine you and compare.

They realize that you are not as appealing as you should be for him.

He deserves better.

He deserves her.

This is how they have made you irrelevant in their minds and have justified there reasoning behind smiling and flirting with him even though you are right there with him in public.

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