Is He Not Into Me Anymore?

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Is He Not Into Me Anymore?

When he isn’t trying to spend quality time with you like he used to, he is not into you anymore.

You will notice that he will give excuses whenever it is time to do something with you. He may set it up at first but will tend to cancel later on or just conveniently forget that he had made plans with you.

When you notice this kind of behavior, he is showing that he is not trying to be around you as he may have other activities that he would rather be spending his time doing.

Also, if you notice that he is not as complimentary as he used to be with you, he may not be into you anymore.

This is especially true if you notice that he still tends to give compliments, he is just not directing those compliments at you.

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He may have no problem complimenting other people, even other girls, but when it comes to you, he is less enthusiastic or willing to do the same.

You may try to tell yourself that he doesn’t need to because he has given you enough compliments.

However, in the back of your mind, you will know that you feel jealousy and a sense of awkwardness.

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It simply wouldn’t make sense that he is willing to compliment others but will barely compliment you.

This can be course for worry and a strong sign that he is not into you anymore.

Also, if he is communicating with you a lot less than he used to, he may not be into you anymore.

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If he used to call or text you everyday and now he does so only every few days, this is typically a huge sign that he is not into you anymore.

When he is not communicating as frequently as he used to, he is showing that he may not be thinking about you as frequently as he used to during the day.

If he is not thinking about you often, he may be thinking about someone or something else that has more priority than you do.

Also, if you notice that when he does communicate, the conversations are typically very stale and tend to focus around him, he may not be into you anymore.

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By doing this, he is showing that he doesn’t really care about what you have been up to or what you want to do.

He is only concerned about himself and perhaps may just be communicating out of a sense of duty as opposed to out of true desire to interact with you.

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If you also notice that you tend to be the one now at days who is initiating most if not all of the communication, he is most likely not into you anymore.

If he is putting the onus on you to always have to be the one to initiate contact, he is not willing to put out the effort to keep this relationship going.

He has put that responsibility on you.

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This typically means that he isn’t as invested in the relationship as you are.

When he isn’t as invested in the relationship as you are, he will have no problem leaving you to do the majority of work in the relationship.

He starts getting a sense of importance in that you are trying so hard to make him happy or impress and he is barely doing anything on his end.

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Once he becomes really complacent in this position, it becomes that much harder for him to take you seriously.

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