I Like This Guy But He Is Known To Be A Player. Should I Date Him?

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I Like This Guy But He Is Known To Be A Player. Should I Date Him?

You shouldn’t date him if you are looking for a serious relationship.

If he is known to be a player, he will most likely play you too.

You may believe that he will change once he starts dating you.

You may believe that he will become a new man because of how amazing you are.

This is unfortunately the line of thinking that so many girls have when it comes to dating guys they know are players.

Somehow, she will be the one who changes him.

Somehow, she will be the one who makes him see the value in being loyal.

Somehow, she will get him to focus on her and her only.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen too often.

It doesn’t happen too often because it can be very difficult for a player to change.

A player has had his way for a while.

He knows the effect he has on girls.

He may have even gotten to the point where it is no longer about dating a girl.

That isn’t even where the thrill is.

The thrill for him may be more about the process of simply getting that girl to like him and become obsessed with him.

Once he has that, he will most likely move on to the next girl.

Sure, he may answer her phone calls and sleep with her from time to time but he doesn’t take her seriously.

The thrill is now gone.

You will have to be very honest with yourself about the kind of relationship you are looking for.

If you are simply looking to date casually and have fun, perhaps you will be okay with dating this guy.

If you aren’t looking for anything serious, a player may be fun to banter with and flirt with.

A player knows the game after all and is very adept at it.

You will also be almost assured that the player will be unlikely to fall in love with you and want more than you are willing to give.

Hence, a player would be a safe bet if you are hoping to simply be with a guy with no strings attached and for a relatively short period of time.

You will not have to worry about the player falling in love with you and taking this casual relationship too seriously.

However, if you are actually seeking a serious relationship that you hope will become long-term, you are better off not dating this player.

He may be charming.

He may tell you things that sound so good.

He may make you feel like you are the most special girl in his world. However, this is what a player does.

A player is very adept at telling you the right words that tickle and stimulate that part of your brain that craves companionship.

A player is able to excite you on both an intimate and personal level.

He can exude a level of confidence and swagger that can often be intoxicating for girls.

If you fall for all of this, you may regret it.

If you are seeking a long-term serious relationship, a player is not the right person to date.

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