Boyfriend Has Been With A Lot Of Girls And It Bothers Me

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Boyfriend Has Been With A Lot Of Girls And It Bothers Me

If this bothers you so much, you may want to wait before you get into an exclusive relationship with this guy.

If you are already in an exclusive relationship, you may want to let him know that you want to take things slow for now.

Here is the problem.

If you are so bothered by the fact that your boyfriend has been with a lot of girls and you are unwilling to accept it, you will always look at the relationship with doubt.

You will doubt your value in the relationship.

You will continually question whether you are up to his standards.

You will continually question your boyfriend’s values and whether they mesh with yours.

When there is this kind of doubt in your relationship, it makes it very difficult to give the relationship a fair chance.

You are essentially prejudging the relationship before you have allowed it to develop.

If this is something that you are not willing to let go of, perhaps you shouldn’t be in a relationship with your boyfriend at this time.

You have really got to come to terms with your emotions.

If you can’t allow yourself to move past the fact that your boyfriend has been with a lot of girls, how are you going to be able to give this relationship a fighting chance?

Your task is to really ask yourself just how significant or important this issue is to you.

Ask yourself if there is true reason to be concerned due to what you have observed in your boyfriend’s behavior of late.

Have there been any red flags?

Have you noticed him consistently flirting with other girls?

Is he constantly on the phone with one of his past lovers?

Does he always compare you with some of his past girlfriends or sex partners?

You need to start assessing this and come to a conclusion.

If you have noticed some of these red flags, they may be cause for concern and you may want to slow things down with this boyfriend.

Perhaps, you would need a period of time where the both of you simply get to know each other more so that you can build some trust in him.

However, if there have been no red flags of the sort, you will have to decide about what to do with the here and now.

If your boyfriend has been nothing but good to you up until this point, he may be of true value.

He is with you now. He is not with the other girls.

If he is treating you right, this may be something to consider.

Just because he has been with a lot of girls in his past doesn’t mean that he can’t love or treat you right.

If he has been doing just that up until this point, why would you want to jeopardize that?

However, if this issue bothers you so much that you simply can’t let it go, your best bet may be to just get out of the romance and simply pursue a friendship for now.

This kind of thinking would only put more stress on your relationship with him because you wouldn’t be able to allow the relationship to flourish without constantly worrying about it.

If you can’t look at your relationship with your boyfriend as a new venture, you will keep prejudging it to the point where it would feel like you have already determined where the relationship is headed.

Putting this kind of prejudgment on the relationship only makes it that much more likely to fail.

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