Signs That A Girl Is Already In A Relationship?

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Signs That A Girl Is Already In A Relationship?

A girl who is already in a relationship may want to hang out with you in a group.

She may want to be there in a group of her friends or in a group of your friends.

In essence, she will typically not want to be with you on a one and one basis.

You need to be really observant.

If you notice that every time you try to get her to do something with you where it would only be the both of you, she is often telling you that she will be there with a friend or wondering if your friends will be there as well, she is more than likely already in a relationship or simply not interested.

In other words, you will find it next to impossible to get her to hang out with you where it is just the both of you.

Another sign that a girl is already in a relationship is when she never seems to be able to make herself available to go out on a date with you and yet you know that she is still going out actively with her friends.

In other words, she is giving you the impression that she has no time and yet she is clearly finding the time to go to the movies with her friends or go clubbing.

A girl like this may already be in a relationship and she is reserving her spare time for that special someone.

Another sign that a girl is already in a relationship is if you notice that she doesn’t dress up all that often or spend too much time applying make-up before heading out.

The less she does this, the more she may be indicating that she is already comfortable in a relationship and doesn’t feel the need to constantly have to try to impress when she goes out.

This is especially poignant when you notice that the rest of her friends often seem to have taken the time to get really dressed and made up, whereas she is looking quite demure and drab compared to them.

In situations like this, she may simply be coming along for the ride so as to be a good friend but her heart may not necessarily be there.

She knows that she is taken and may not be trying to garner the kind of attention from guys that the rest of her single friends are seeking.

Another sign that a girl is already in a relationship is when you observe that she rarely flirts with guys or talks with them on a one on one basis.

Whenever you see her interacting with a guy, he is often with his friends or she is with hers.

In other words, you will rarely see her spend long periods of time talking to a single guy.

If she does talk to a guy one on one, the conversation is typically brief and she moves on relatively quickly.

A girl who behaves like this does not typically want to give the guy the wrong impression. She will often use his friends or hers as cover or she will keep conversation brief if she so happens to be around him on a one on one basis.

Another sign that a girl is already in a relationship is when you notice that she is often on her phone at a particular time where she is nowhere to be found.

If you work with this girl and you notice that there tends to be a particular time of the day where she is gone, this could be the time she is spending on her phone with her boyfriend.

Girls are often quite open when they are using their phone around colleagues, so this kind of behavior would be unusual.

Perhaps she often goes to the break room during this time and she is often somewhere at the corner.

These are private moments that she may have sequestered in order to spend time talking to that special someone.

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