Would A Girl Ever Act Uncomfortable Around A Guy She Likes?

A girl who wholeheartedly likes a guy can act uncomfortable around him, not wanting to appear to be too obvious that she likes him.

Would A Girl Ever Act Uncomfortable Around A Guy She Likes?She worries that he doesn’t feel the same way about her.

This doubt and insecurity makes her feel uncomfortable whenever she is around him.

This is a girl that wants to observe this guy from afar as opposed to be so close to him.

She worries that if she were too close to him, she is bound to do or say something that turns him off.

It is hard for her to look past these insecurities.

She is totally comfortable when she is around guys she doesn’t like.

She is effortlessly herself, being that she doesn’t have any romantic expectations of these guys.

When she is around the guy she likes, there are expectations.

She doesn’t want to let herself believe it, but there are.

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Her expectations interfere with her reality.

She has already envisioned herself with this guy as a couple, using her imagination to prognosticate on their future relationship.

She gets carried away with these visions and images.

This is how she has set expectations.

Now that she is around the guy, those expectations assail her thoughts.

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As these expectations become more and more prevalent in her mind, she gets nervous.

She knows that for now it is all fantasy.

Her reality is something totally different.

She doesn’t even know whether this guy feels the same way about her.

Up until now, he hasn’t shown that he does.

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She gets uncomfortable, knowing that her reality is a lot different from the fantasy that she has created in her mind.

What’s worse is that she doesn’t have the nerve to approach him or talk to him.

There is a part of her that wants to so badly and yet she holds herself back.

She has been preparing herself to do so, trying to gain the confidence to talk to the guy for the last few weeks.

She believes that today will be the day and yet she realizes that she is too afraid to do it, as she can’t summon up the courage to start a conversation or introduce herself.

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You know that this girl likes you when you frequently catch her looking your way.

She looks away the moment she spots that you have seen her, but she looks back again.

This behavior, coupled with how she tends to act uncomfortable around you, is indicative of a girl who likes you, but is worried about whether you like her back.

With this mindset, she creates chaos in her thoughts.

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