Confused About Whether Or Not This Girl Wants To See Me Again Or Not?

Confused About Whether Or Not This Girl Wants To See Me Again Or Not?

A girl who wants to see you again will often make it clear that she does.

She will make herself available for dates, thereby making it easy for you to set them up.

She may even drop hints in conversation with you by mentioning something she hasn’t done in a while but she would love to do soon.

When she says stuff like that on a consistent basis, she is hoping that you get the hint and ask her if she would like to do that activity this Friday or on a day that you are both available.

A girl who wants to see you again will also constantly remind you about the previous date or dates that you have been on.

She may talk about something that happened during that date or something you said.

She does this because she wants you to know that she had fun during those dates and she wants your thoughts to go back to them.

If you are thinking about those dates, you are also likely to want another one if you truly had as much fun as she did.

Hence, she is really hoping that you get the hint that she wants to see you again.

A girl who wants to see you again will also often ask you what your plans are for the weekend or for a day you are off.

She may not necessarily ask you this in a direct fashion so as not to appear too obvious.

She may do something more subtle.

She may ask you if you have done such and such recently.

You may say that you haven’t but you are planning to this weekend.

Right there, she has discovered what you are going to be up to this weekend.

She is also hoping that you get the hint and ask her if she would like to partake in the activity with you.

A girl who wants to see you again is often going to be easy to get a hold of.

She won’t just let your phone calls go to voicemail all the time.

She will typically answer your phone calls if she is available and if she isn’t, she will return your calls as promptly as possible.

You won’t be waiting for several hours or days for her to return a phone call or respond to a text.

You also won’t be wondering why she hasn’t responded and now find yourself in the habit of having to make multiple phone calls or send multiple texts just to get a single response from her.

In other words, she will make the process of courting her as cohesive as she can.

Now, there are some girls who won’t make this process flow because they love the attention and would rather have you guessing for a while.

This may be the kind of girl that you are dealing with.

She may be taking a while to call you back or text you back because she loves how she gets to make you doubt and wonder about what is going on.

She may call off dates because she wants you to feel insecurity about how things are going and thereby desire her even more.

She really gets off in the way she gets to control and have power over this situation.

In the end, a girl like this may ultimately let you in or she may leave.

There are really no guarantees with a girl like this.

She may keep playing these games and keep you guessing until she has gotten bored with you and decides to move on to the next guy.

If you are not into these kind of games and the uncertainty they bring and you are seeking someone who is more sincere in the dating process, this isn’t the right kind of girl for you.

So, stop being confused and move on.

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