When A Girl Doesn’t Want A Relationship But Doesn’t Want To Let You Go?

When A Girl Doesn't Want A Relationship But Doesn't Want To Let You Go?

She may want to have it all without the commitment.

This is a dangerous position to allow yourself to be in.

You may feel that by the fact that she isn’t letting you go, she must be wanting to be in a relationship with you at some point.

You may start making yourself believe this more and more each day.

The more she is unwilling to let you go, the more you believe that she must be waiting until she is comfortable enough to get into a relationship with you.

This can be so deceiving and time consuming.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to fall into this trap.

It happens so often to people.

They wait and wait and wait on someone who doesn’t want a relationship with them but who is unwilling to let them go.

They get encouraged by the fact that she is always trying to talk to them or find out what they are up to.

They take this behavior from her as a sign that she must be interested and will ultimately want to be in a relationship with them at some point in the future.

Do not be misled by this kind of behavior and allow your desire to get the best of you.

If she truly wanted to be in a relationship with you, she would be in a relationship with you right now.

She wouldn’t act like she cares, only to keep you guessing.

She would wholeheartedly want to be with you.

When you allow yourself to stay in this kind of situation, you may end up being hurt over and over again.

The longer you stay in it, the harder it will be for you to let the dream go.

You just keep hoping that today will be the day that she finally tells you that she is willing to be in a relationship with you.

You count the days.

You monitor every word she tells you and every gesture she displays.

You talk to your friends about what they think about something she said.

You ask them whether they believe that what she said must mean that she is thinking about being in a relationship with you.

Your friends may encourage you to stay at it.

Unfortunately as time goes by, she is still not getting into a relationship with you and you begin to wonder how much longer it is going to take.

She seems like she has been responding to you in such a positive way of late.

Then that unfortunate day happens.

This is the day you discover that she has started dating someone else.

She may even tell you that she is and does so with such happiness.

Now you are left with all these unresolved feelings.

She is happy and you are not.

You have been waiting all this time for her because she wouldn’t let you go and now she is seeing someone else.

This is often how this situation turns out and you don’t want to be at the receiving end of this.

Do not allow her to take up your precious time.

You should let her go and move on to other relationships.


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