She Likes Me And Has A Boyfriend Who Treats Her Bad?

She Likes Me And Has A Boyfriend Who Treats Her Bad?

It’s tempting to make yourself believe that you have a shot with her.

Having learned that she likes you, you have fantasized about what could be.

Considering she has a boyfriend who treats her bad, you are hopeful.

The prevailing thought is that his bad treatment of her is going to come to a head, compelling her to dump him and look to you.

To date, she continues to be with her boyfriend, and you are contemplating when she takes the next step in dumping him.

Don’t get too excited about the prospect of her dumping her boyfriend and getting with you.

Her relationship with her boyfriend is much more complex.

Even though he treats her bad, she continues to hold on to what he was like when they were in the early months of dating.

She remembers how sweet and kind he was to her.

How much he cared about making her smile and making her happy.

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That is what she fell in love with.

Since then, he has changed.

He is now treating her bad.

Unfortunately, she has already fallen head over heels in love with him.

Although common sense dictates that she should dump him already, it isn’t that cut and dry.

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She is in love with him and is holding on to the hope that he reverts back to who he once was.

She doesn’t want to let this hope go.

There are fleeting moments where he reverts back to the sweet and loving guy he once was.

These are moments where he gives her a sweet compliment, gets her a gift, or takes her out on a trip or a date.

These moments bolster the hope that he permanently reverts back to the sweet guy she fell in love with.

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So you see, her relationship with him is much more complex.

The thought that she is champing at the bit to leave him and be with you isn’t realistic.

This isn’t welcome news.

It’s natural that you take this moment to fall back on the knowledge that she likes you.

This is your beacon.

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You use this knowledge to give you hope that a breakup with her boyfriend is imminent.

Many-a-time, a woman in this predicament likes a guy like you because of who you remind her of.

She has sensed a warmness in you that reminds her of what her ex was like in the beginning.

A warmness, among several qualities you possess, has her thinking about how similar you are to what her ex was like.

Instead of compelling her to leave her boyfriend for you, it motivates her into believing that he isn’t a lost cause.

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Those qualities persist in him, as she has seen them demonstrated in fleeting moments.

She is too emotionally invested in him to give up on him this far into their relationship.

It’s hard to accept that all those happy memories they shared were all for naught.

And as long as she is in this state of mind, she won’t leave him for you.

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