She Says She’s Busy, And By This Reason, She Is Unavailable To Go Out On A Date With You

In saying she is busy, she is demonstrating in no uncertain terms that she is not interested in dating you .

She Says She's Busy, And By This Reason, She Is Unavailable To Go Out On A Date With YouBeing busy is one of the most common excuses used when a person doesn’t want to date another.

It is easy to use, as it gives the person using it a clear conscience.

Indeed, it’s feasible she is busy.

She has work, school, family, projects and so on to deal with.

Notwithstanding, aren’t we all busy?

If you wanted to, you could fill up your to-do roster with activities today.

This is where you put in that extra time at work or with family and friends.

We have the ability to do all of this quite easily.

Nevertheless, what we normally do is make time.

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We make time to do whatever we feel needs to be done.

A girl who cares about dating you, makes time for you.

That is how it works.

We make time for the things we believe are important to us.

This is how we handle our priorities and give them the due attention they deserve.

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I know that you feel like she is being genuine in what she is saying.

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s feasible that she is telling the truth.

She is busy.

Nevertheless, if she was interested in you, she makes the time for you.

She does what she can to spend time with you.

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She wants to see you more.

Even if she knows that she isn’t as available to see you as much as she would want, she persists in wanting to see you.

She does everything possible to make seeing you a reality.

When she repeatedly tells you that she is busy, you are not a priority in her life.

You are not a curiosity either.

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A curiosity makes her want to take action, not give excuses.

You have to start being honest with yourself.

No matter how badly you want her, she has to want you too in order for this to work.

When she keeps saying that she is busy, she is not showing true interest.

There have to be moments where she can spare the time to be with you.

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There have to be moments where she can invite you to meet her to do something, though she knows her time is limited and she won’t be at it for long.

These are real signs that she is authentically interested in you, and even though she has a busy schedule, she is finding the time to do stuff with you.

She doesn’t do it for long but she still brings herself to the occasion in person.

Unfortunately, the problem a lot of guys face when they are in this situation is the misconception that she likes them based on how she still communicates with them.

The girl persists in communicating or responding to your texts, as she wants to.

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She sees no harm in it.

She doesn’t mind your pleasant or interesting discussions.

Notwithstanding, she isn’t taking it any further than that.

She continues to say that she is busy.

You have already heard her tell you this often enough that you are even beginning to expect her to say that every time you try to set a date with her.

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This is evidence enough of her disinterest in you and you shouldn’t allow yourself to be misled.

Move on to someone else.

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