Would You Date A Guy That Your Best Friend Likes?

Would You Date A Guy That Your Best Friend Likes?

Well, yes.

Why not?

This person isn’t with your best friend.

This person isn’t talking to your best friend.

This person may not even know that your best friend likes them.

Okay, I get it.

You don’t want to upset your best friend or perhaps you feel like this is some form of betrayal.

However, if this person is truly your best friend, they should and would want the best for you.

They would want you to be happy.

If your best friend has made no moves nor have they shown any signs of making future moves on this guy, the guy is fair game.

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As long as you are upfront with your best friend about your intentions about dating this guy and by so doing give your best friend a heads up, you have no obligation to avoid acting.

Remember that your best friend may like this person but hasn’t shown any willingness to take things any further.

Thereby, this could be a person that your best friend would much rather fantasize about than act upon.

Does that mean that you put your own happiness on hold just so that you can appease your best friend?


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Listen, as I stated earlier, as long as you are honest with your best friend and tell them what your intentions are beforehand, you have done what you should.

You can move on and begin the process of dating this guy.

If your best friend truly cares about you, they would realize that all they have been doing is procrastinating without taking action.

They would know that it wouldn’t be fair to prevent you from going after or being with someone that you like simply because they have never summoned enough courage to take things further with the guy that they like.

Again, if this is a true best friend, they would want the best for you.

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They would want you to be happy.

They would not want to impede that happiness simply because they think you are “stealing” their guy.

Their guy was never their’s to begin with.

There is nothing to claim here.

Also, you should be very respectful about how you go about this.

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If you were to succeed in dating this guy, you shouldn’t make that be the starting point for every discussion you have with your best friend.

If you were to constantly bring this guy up as a topic of discussion around your best friend, you may make your best friend feel like you are trying to make them feel less than.

This may honestly not be your intention at all.

You may really just be talking about this guy to your best friend because you are just so excited about him.

Refrain from doing that earlier on.

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In time, your best friend will get used to you being with this guy and may not care about the fact you are together.

In fact, by this stage, your best friend may already be dating someone else.

In the end, if you approach this in an honest, respectful and tactful manner, you should have no long-term problems with your best friend if you choose to date this guy.

In the end, it is about being transparent so that your best friend never gets the sense that you are the kind of friend who would go behind their back to take advantage of them.

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