Do Girls Intentionally Flirt With Their Guy Friends Or Am I Deluded?

Some girls flirt with a guy friend they aren’t that close with in terms of their friendship.

Do Girls Intentionally Flirt With Their Guy Friends Or Am I Deluded?It is a guy that is an acquaintance or colleague, but not exactly a friend.

She is fine with doing this, given that he is sort of a friend but hasn’t crossed fully into the friendship zone.

His relationship status with her is somewhat in limbo.

She only flirts with him because she is interested in knowing what sort of relationship he is seeking.

Does he strictly want to be friends or does he want more?

He is somewhere between being a prospective friend and a prospective romantic interest.

She wants to put him in a column and keep him there.

There is attraction on her part.

She does find him intriguing.

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He is in her friend circle but she doesn’t look at him the way she looks at her closest guy friends.

She doesn’t intentionally flirt with her closest guy friends with the intention of becoming romantic with them.

Her closest guy friends have already entered the friendship category.

She looks at them in a totally different way than she does a guy that she is somewhat friends with but isn’t entirely that close to.

She intentionally flirts with this guy, wanting to get a sense of how he feels about her, in the hopes of moving into the next gear.

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The idea is to get the guy to either respond to her intentional flirting and move the relationship into romance or not respond and have her place him in the friendship category.

Once done, she gets to move on to someone else.

She has guy friends that are flirty by nature, and she plays along, but doesn’t let the flirting go beyond a certain point.

She knows that these guys are her guy friends and that she doesn’t see any of them as romantic prospects.

With that in mind, she is reluctant to send the wrong message in continuously flirting with them.

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Some of her guy friends see her as a dating prospect.

These guy friends flirt with her from time to time and she plays along.

Several of them desperately hope she reciprocates their romantic interest.

Notwithstanding, she knows that she only sees these guys as her friends and nothing beyond that.

This is why she flirts to a certain point and is never the one who intentionally initiates the flirting.

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In most cases, when a girl intentionally flirts with a guy friend and often initiates the flirting, she hasn’t put that guy friend into a solid relationship category.

She is attracted to him and believes that he is a dating prospect.

That being said, she isn’t forthright about her feelings.

As a consequence, she intentionally flirts with him from time to time to gauge his response, hoping he responds to her hints of romantic interest.

She doesn’t keep this up for too long.

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If he doesn’t respond in kind, she puts him in the friendship category and moves on.

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