I Can’t Break Up With Him And I Can’t Stay With Him. What Should I Do?

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I Can't Break Up With Him And I Can't Stay With Him. What Should I Do?

Break up with him.

It is clear that something is wrong and has been bothering you for a while.

If you have tried to fix it the best way you can and it hasn’t worked, you break up with him.

A reason why you may think that you can’t break up with him may be because of what you keep hoping may happen in the relationship.

You may believe that it is salvageable if only he did a certain thing or acted a certain way.

There may be moments where it seems like the relationship will take a turn for the better.

He may have acted right today or he may have told you encouraging words.

You hang on to this moment in the hope that it will lead to better days.

However, better days do not happen.

He is back to his old ways soon after.

You become distraught and anxious.

You wonder why he simply can’t be consistent.

You care about him, perhaps even love him.

However, you know that you do not want to stay with a guy who continues to act in this manner.

With this knowledge, you still find it impossible to break up with him because you care about him and you are still hoping that something changes.

Well, you are not this guy. He is his own person. He will act according to what he allows himself to do.

In other words, you can’t force him to change because you are so desperately in need of him to do so.

He has to be the one who willingly puts out the effort to make that move.

You can only do so much.

No amount of encouragement or even complaining will change anything if he isn’t willing to do what needs to be done to make things right.

Unfortunately, if you feel like you can’t break up with him because you love him or feel so deeply for him, you will allow yourself to remain stuck in a rut.

This isn’t helpful to you.

You have got to take a step back and look at the big picture.

The more you stay with this guy, the more time passes by.

You may get to the point where you have wasted so many other opportunities to be with someone else who may be a much better fit for you.

As human beings, we tend to become very small-minded when we are in love with someone or care for a person deeply.

We believe that we will never find someone else who will make us feel this way.

We believe that this person is the only one who could possibly care about us in the way we want to be cared about.

When you allow yourself to give in to this line of thinking, you will close yourself off from real world opportunities to be with someone else who could be better for you.

You will be desperately caught up in a cat and mouse game that has no end.

Every time you think that things will change, they simply end up staying the same.

Once you understand this truth and stop this kind of thinking, you will be able to break up with him and move forward with your life.

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