I Can’t Break Up With Him And I Can’t Stay With Him. What Should I Do?

It is clear that there are deep-rooted issues within your relationship that have been bothering you for a while.

I Can't Break Up With Him And I Can't Stay With Him. What Should I Do?Breaking up with him is the right course of action when you are in this predicament, especially when you have worked hard to fix the issues to no avail.

A reason why you are thinking that you can’t break up with him has to do with a hope that the relationship gets better in the foreseeable future.

You believe it is salvageable, if only he makes a few adjustments to his behavior.

There are moments where it seems as though the relationship is about to take a turn for the better.

He acted right that day and said words that gave you encouragement about a better future with him.

You hang on to this moment, hoping that it leads to better days.

Yet, better days do follow.

He is back to his old ways soon after.

You become distraught and anxious, wondering why he is incapable of being consistent.

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Since you care about him deeply, you want him to be consistent with good behavior and do better.

With these letdowns, you continue to find it impossible to break up with him, as your love for him has a stranglehold on you.

Face reality.

No matter how much you are hoping for better days, your reality signals otherwise.

You are not this guy.

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He is his own person, and will act accordingly.

Basically, you can’t force him to change, regardless of how desperate you are for him to do so.

For change to occur, he has to be the one that puts out the effort to make that move.

Besides this, there isn’t much else you can do.

No amount of encouragement or complaining changes anything, if he isn’t keen on doing what needs to be done to make this relationship work.

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Unfortunately, sticking around based on your love for him keeps you in a rut.

This isn’t helpful to you.

Take a step back and look at the big picture.

The longer you stay with this guy, the more time passes by.

Meanwhile, you waste so many opportunities to be with someone else that is a much better fit for you.

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As human beings, we become immensely small-minded when we are in love with someone or care for a person deeply.

This makes us believe that no one else is capable of making use feel like the person we are in love with.

With this mindset, you close yourself off from real world opportunities to connect with someone else who are better for you.

You are desperately caught up in a cat and mouse game that has no end.

Every time you think that things will change, they end up staying the same.

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Once you recognize this truth and stop this manner of thinking, you have the strength to break up with him and move forward with your life.

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