Am I Expecting Too Much From This Relationship?

Am I Expecting Too Much From This Relationship?

You may be expecting too much when you never acknowledge what you and your partner have already accomplished in the relationship.

You may be so wanting of more that you just can’t seem to be happy with what you have now.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the relationship to grow.

However, you do need to temper how much you are consumed by this.

If you are always chasing the next high in your relationship, you will never be able to be thankful for your relationship and how well it is doing right now.

You will also be unable to allow your partner to feel like he is doing something or anything right.

Your partner will constantly feel as though he has to be doing whatever it is that you are now on a mission for and it may become too much.

If you are this way, you will need to put a stop to this.

You are not allowing yourself and your partner to appreciate the now.

You are constantly living for the future.

This tends to stifle your relationship.

Instead of strengthening your relationship based on how well you are doing, it would be constantly getting loose because it is being stretched too thin.

You need to take it easy and just be.

Be present.

Just allow your relationship to flow in a natural way.

When you expect too much from your relationship, you will be inclined to force it toward a particular goal.

You are forcing it toward this goal without any real understanding about whether this move would be beneficial to both yourself and your partner.

In essence, it is a selfish move.

You are so caught up in where you want the relationship to go that it becomes all about getting to that destination regardless.

If you haven’t considered what your partner wants, you are acting from a place of selfishness.

Your partner may not have the same expectations as you do.

Your partner may be willing to compromise on certain things but not all of them.

Thereby, if you are making this move without really considering what your partner wants, you could easily strain your relationship.

This may lead to the dissolution of your relationship.

You will be left with a sense of dissatisfaction.

This dissatisfaction may persist into your next relationship.

Then the cycle continues all over again because you are so obsessed with reaching a particular ideal.

This is where you will fail over and over again.

This is where you become selfish and forget about the importance of both you and your partner’s wants in a relationship.

You are also expecting too much from this relationship when you use the ideals of some other relationship that you have had or witnessed.

Try not to fall into the trap of believing that your relationship has to mirror that of the ones you observe around you or a past relationship that you have had.

You may begin to demand certain things from your partner that wouldn’t feel natural for this relationship.

That is because your current relationship is unique and your partner is a totally different individual who has his own quirks and idiosyncrasies.

If you were to infuse something into it because it is what you have experienced in other relationships or witnessed from other couples you know, it would force the relationship in a direction that isn’t authentic and may lead to discontent.


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