Will You Get Into A Relationship With Someone Even After Knowing That You Won’t Marry That Person For Sure?

Will You Get Into A Relationship With Someone Even After Knowing That You Won't Marry That Person For Sure?

It really depends on what your end goal is.

If you are at the stage in your life where you are hoping to be in a relationship that leads to marriage, you may be better off getting into a relationship with a person who you believe will be your best candidate.

You don’t want to get into a relationship out of convenience if you truly believe that you want to move on into marriage in the near future.

If you were to do so, you may end up wasting both your time and that of this other person.

You have to take a step back and ask yourself about what you want at this stage in your life. You should be honest with yourself about this.

Also, don’t allow yourself to give in to pressure from outside.

Sometimes, a person will make the decision to seek out a relationship that will lead to marriage simply because her family and friends have been pressuring her to do so.

You shouldn’t use this approach. What you decide should be based on what you truly want and feel.

You will also have to be careful about your aspirations in your relationship.

If you know that this person has repeatedly told you that he doesn’t want to get married and yet you pursue a relationship with him in the hopes that he changes his mind, you are doing this the wrong way.

He may never get to that point and you would have wasted your time and emotion on a fruitless quest.

Even if he was to come to the point where he changes his mind and decides that he would want to marry, he may do so out of pressure from you or simply convenience.

You should never want to approach marriage in this way.

A partner who isn’t fully invested in wanting to go on to marriage is often a partner who isn’t present in the relationship. He is merely going through the motions.

There is a reluctance there that will often give way to dissatisfaction in the relationship.

He will typically not work to make the marriage work as best he can because he got into it for the wrong reasons.

When he is not making the right kind of effort in the relationship, the relationship suffers.

This is why you need to check your emotions.

If you were to simply be in a relationship with this guy because you hope that he eventually changes his mind, getting your wish isn’t necessarily going to lead to a happy marriage.

Something else you should consider is the possibility that you may be thinking about getting into a relationship with this person because you are not happy with your life and believe that marriage will change that.

You may believe that somehow this person is going to make your life better and make you happy.

This is the wrong approach because you can’t really lay the responsibility of your happiness to someone else.

If you believe that marriage is where your happiness will lie, you may be approaching this in a very irresponsible way.

You have to be happy within yourself before you would hope to be happy in marriage.

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