How Do You Stop Loving Or Caring For Someone?

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How Do You Stop Loving Or Caring For Someone?

Your focus should not be on how to stop loving or caring for this person.

That manner of thinking will only make you feel worse and deepen the feelings that you are actually trying to get rid of.

The truth is, we cannot just stop loving or caring for someone instantaneously.

We are not robots.

This isn’t how we are built.

The best way to go about doing this is to use a positive approach.

Perhaps this is someone that you dated in the past or you want to date and never got to.

You should try focusing on what made that person so special to you.

What qualities did you admire in this person?

Appreciate that.

Accept it and let it sink in.

Now, you tell yourself that you would love to meet someone new who may have those qualities or qualities that are entirely different but still positive.

You realize that you live in a big world and there are many opportunities to meet someone else if you truly applied yourself and executed.

Yes, you acknowledge this possibility but you also divorce yourself from the idea that you simply want to find someone to help you feel better about yourself.

This is not about getting a rebound.

This will only make things worse.

This should be about your willingness to expand your world, start meeting new people and realizing that there is so much more out there.

Oftentimes, when we really love or care for someone, our world shrinks.

We start defining the world through a very small prism.

In this small prism, you can’t see what’s out there because all that matters to you is how this person feels and how they make you feel.

You will have to break through that and see the world with a much wider lens.

When you see the opportunities out there for you to grow as a person and meet new people, you broaden your way of thinking.

What you will discover is, as you take action to make this realized, you will stop thinking about this person so much.

As this person begins to recede further and further in your memory, you will love and care for them less.

This is the safest way to go about this.

When people try to force themselves to hate that person that they love or care about, it makes them do things that only exacerbate the situation.

You don’t want to be that person.

This is how you can go about taking on your emotions about this person in a positive way.

Though it may feel like you just want to get rid of this love you feel for this person as quickly as you can, taking your time in broadening your lifestyle will be a much safer approach.

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