I Got Hurt But I Don’t Want To Lose Him. I Care More Than He Does

Caring for where the relationship is, or where it is headed, matters tremendously in regards to having an understanding of what you are going through.

I Got Hurt But I Don't Want To Lose Him. I Care More Than He DoesFor a relationship to work, the parties involved have to care.

How the other feels must be taken into account.

A relationship is a team effort.

Consider that he is the one who is taking advantage of you.

What are the chances he is hurting as you are in this moment, nay a little bit?

You know he isn’t.

When you are the one who cares more about being hurt, this isn’t right.

A partner who is aware that they have the power to hurt you like this, abuses that power.

A partner who doesn’t care isn’t investing as much emotional energy into this relationship.

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You are the one who is carrying the weight of responsibility in this relationship.

A healthy relationship is not one-sided.

A healthy relationship is one that has the well-being of the two parties at its center.

Unfortunately, a guy who doesn’t care when he is hurting his girlfriend, is a guy who doesn’t love you.

He has told you that he does, but those are purely words.

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What has he done for you lately to show you that he is true to his word?

When was the last time he said something kind to you or took you out?

What about conversations about a future together?

With you being the one who cares about what happens in the relationship, he isn’t carrying his fair share of responsibility.

A relationship works when the partners are fully invested in it.

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When you are the singular one who cares, you are the one putting out any bona fide effort to keep the passion alive in the relationship.

There needs to be a give and take in relationships, whether it be with keeping the passion burning or maintaining mundane everyday tasks.

Don’t be the one giving without reciprocation.

It doesn’t matter how much you care, he doesn’t.

Real love isn’t forced.

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It is either there or it isn’t.

He doesn’t have real love for you.

Why are you so afraid to lose him?

What is it exactly that makes you fearful?

Do you love him and can’t imagine life without him?

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Do you lay the blame for your relationship woes on yourself alone?

Do you believe that no one else is going to love you like he does?

The truth is, you have to come to terms with the likelihood that you have lowered self-esteem on account of what you have been going through with him.

There is a part of you that has lost confidence.

You are so affected by what he has been doing that you have lost an awareness of who you used to be.

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This means you need to rebuild your self-worth.

Rebuilding your self-worth is not doable while keeping this guy in your life.

You need to be gone from this guy to have any shot at moving forward with your life.

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