Should I Text My Ex?

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Should I Text My Ex?

It depends on how you truly feel about your ex and what you truly want.

This means that you first have to come to terms with that before anything else.

What are you feeling for your ex?

Do you constantly find yourself thinking about your ex?

Do you constantly wonder if your ex is dating someone or whether you will ever get back together?

Well, if your ex is constantly in your thoughts, there is a good chance that you still love or care for your ex.

Now, even with this realization or knowledge, you shouldn’t automatically text your ex on impulse.

Think about the kind of person your ex is.

Are they caring?

Are they willing to compromise?

Did they show you how much they were willing to give in order to make the last relationship work?

Your ex’s temperament is also very relevant.

If you don’t truly consider your ex’s temperament, you may get caught up in your own feelings and what you desire.

This is very dangerous.

What may happen is that you may text your ex back simply because you desperately want them back into your life.

You haven’t thought out just how viable and promising this move could be.

You just reacted.

When you just react, you are not giving yourself the opportunity to be rational and prudent.

You may be better off not texting your ex when you allow yourself to remember that your ex is a player and not so caring.

You may be better off not texting your ex when you remember that the reason why you broke up in the first place was because your ex was unwilling to give you the kind of attention and affection that you needed.

This may be the reality of your situation.

It may be a reality that you will have to come to terms with in order to keep you in check and keep you grounded.

As human beings, we can very easily get lost in our desires and emotions.

While lost, we find ways to justify why we should reconnect.

However, deep within, we may know that this isn’t the right move because the ex you are dealing with will never change.

They will never change because you realize that you gave that ex multiple chances to change and be better while in the relationship and they failed every time.

Thereby, the objective here is to be rational and not be too quick to react.

Texting your ex may be in your best interest if you realize that you were primarily at fault for what led to the failure of the first relationship.

Perhaps you believe that you have learned a lot since then and will be able to do better the second time around.

You may also text your ex if you believe that there may have been an opportunity lost in your past relationship with this ex.

It could be an opportunity to create a bond that was never allowed enough time and effort to develop.

Perhaps the both of you were very immature at the time or had a lot of minor issues that became major ones simply because you were unable to talk about issues as they arose.

Perhaps you see a second chance in this to make it right.

If your ex feels the same way, it just may work. However, remember to be rational and avoid doing something simply because you want your ex back in your life so desperately.

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