Took Some Time Off In Our Relationship. How To Get Back Together?

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Took Some Time Off In Our Relationship. How To Get Back Together?

If the both of you have found it challenging to get back together after this time off, it may be because the both of you are no longer compatible.

The time off may have been for this reason.

There may be something that the both of you are lacking in this relationship that has caused it to become stale.

Try to think back to the reason why the both of you took the time off in the first place.

Was it due to a lack of excitement in your relationship?

Was it due to a waning sense of interest?

Were you still having good conversations before the time off or did it feel like your conversations were forced?

You really need to think back to this period.

Oftentimes, when a couple takes time off, someone in the relationship realizes that they no longer want to be in it.

If a person in the relationship feels like they prefer this new sense of freedom, they may never want to get back together.

In fact, there is a chance that your relationship was already on life support before the both of you decided to take some time off.

Sometimes it is hard to accept your reality when there are strong feelings involved.

You may actually be able to look back on this relationship and notice the warning signs.

Indeed, you may love your partner.

You may want more than anything to get back together.

However, a relationship happens both ways.

If your partner feels like they are better off without you, there may be nothing you can do.

Your best chance at getting back together will first require an honest talk with each other.

You will both need to determine what the problem areas are in this relationship.

It should be a civil conversation that doesn’t try to point any finger of blame in anyone’s direction.

The goal should be the desire from both parties to pinpoint the issues and start coming up with some strategies to fix them.

It may require that there are some concessions made.

You may have to give a little in order to make this work.

So should they.

There has to be a mindset of cooperation and an attitude of eagerness.

An eagerness to fix the problem is absolutely required in order for this to work.

It shouldn’t be something that is expected to happen overnight.

You both have to be willing to be patient.

It’s a problem that has led to a strain in your relationship.

Something this profound can’t be fixed in a day or a week.

It will take time.

You will both make mistakes as you go along.

Some of the old habits may be repeated.

However, as long as you support each other through these lapses, you will find it easier to get through them.

All this depends on whether your partner is willing to work on this with you and have that talk.

If they aren’t, you may have to accept the fact that they are no longer emotionally invested in this relationship.

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