When Do Guys Not Text Back?

When Do Guys Not Text Back?

A guy won’t text back when he is bored with the relationship.

You two started off well.

The conversations were free-flowing and fun.

The texting felt natural and open.

During this time, you believed everything was splendid.

Indeed, everything was probably going well at this point.

Conversations can take a wrong turn and grow stale.

Perhaps you have been sticking to the same topic for too long.

Perhaps you seem to be telling the same jokes or talking about the same people over and over.

You are forgetting about the importance of infusing flirtation into the conversation from time to time, so that you can keep him interested and excited.

These could all be factors that can lead to boredom.

It can really be easy to fall into this kind of texting when you feel like something has been working with this guy.

Since you started the conversation on a high note and everything had been going well, you simply stuck to what seemed to be working without realizing that you need to change things up.

In this scenario, when a guy doesn’t text back, he is showing you that he is bored and tired of the discussions that you have been having over text.

A guy doesn’t text back when he feels like the conversations are going nowhere in terms of what he is looking for.

If he were trying to date you and the conversations seem to be more on the platonic level, he gets discouraged.

He believes you aren’t looking for something beyond mundane and platonic conversation.

He would begin to question whether there was any point in having these texting conversations with you.

He worries he is wasting his time and effort on a girl who isn’t seeing him as anything other than a platonic friend.

This becomes a problem.

He wrestles with the idea that perhaps he should give this time and eventually you will come around.

In any case, he has run out of patience.

This is a very strong possibility.

Perhaps you do like him but you have never given him any clear signs that you are interested in him romantically in your conversations through text.

You think you did.

You dropped subtle signs.

Clearly, those signs weren’t strong enough for him to pick up on them.

Thereby, you would have had to let him know that you were just as interested in him as he was in you to keep him interested.

A guy would also not text back when he feels that he has better dating prospects.

He initially had a texting conversation with you, wanting to see how far he wanted to take this.

In other words, he was testing out your shared chemistry.

He realized that he has better chemistry with other girls he is talking to at the moment and has consequently stopped texting you back.


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