Did He Ever Like Me Or Was It All A Waste Of Time?

There are people who like and like really hard in the beginning, and unfortunately, there is no guarantee that something like this lasts.

Did He Ever Like Me Or Was It All A Waste Of Time?He did like you.

Nonetheless, he quickly loses interest as soon as he gets used to you, knows what to expect from you or someone better comes along.

It is difficult to accept that a guy who seemed so into you or who spoke the right words to you could suddenly not like you.

This makes you wonder whether he ever liked you or whether it was all an act from the onset.

The thing is, there is no true way to definitively know what a person is feeling.

A person can cover it up with insincerity.

He tricks himself into believing that he is into someone a lot more than he actually is.

Indeed, some guys make themselves believe that there is something more to a relationship or romance with a girl when in reality there isn’t.

He isn’t aware he is doing this.

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He finds the girl so attractive and alluring that he can’t bring himself to believe that he is no longer feeling that initial euphoria or enthusiasm.

This loss of enthusiasm does happen.

It’s intoxicating to get caught up in the moment.

Sometimes it is as deceiving as giving in to the person’s energy and interest.

A guy mimics your energy, believing he is supposed to.

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Your energy is somewhat infectious.

The guy makes himself believe that he is experiencing this process in an authentic manner and his emotions are real.

He ultimately realizes he was drawn in by his initial sense of excitement of being around you and romancing you.

As that initial excitement has waned, he has now run out of gas so to speak.

All of a sudden, he doesn’t communicate as much or isn’t asking you out on dates.

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He got caught up in his initial sense of euphoria and in the energy that you were giving off.

A guy comes to this realization when there is a loss of chemistry.

You didn’t realize that your chemistry with this guy was waning.

There were signs that it was.

He was no longer as excited to talk to you.

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His flirtation was barely registering, as he struggled to match your wit.

He wasn’t remembering previous conversations that you had both had.

The signs were evident before he left you but you didn’t acknowledge them.

This lack of enthusiasm does happen to lots of people who date or romance someone else.

It isn’t your fault it happens.

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A guy realizes that he isn’t feeling it anymore and decides to move on.

You didn’t do anything wrong.

You were yourself and were consistent in your demeanor.

It mostly comes down to compatibility.

You weren’t compatible with him.

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You can find that compatibility with someone else as long as you don’t permit this incident to make you bitter.

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