What Is My Ex Playing At? Starting To Miss Him So Much?

When you are so consumed with what your ex is playing at, you are susceptible to missing him, given that he is in your thoughts consistently.

What Is My Ex Playing At? Starting To Miss Him So Much?You are too concerned with what your ex is up to.

The more you watch for what he is doing, the more you keep him in your thoughts.

Be aware of this.

You won’t move on from your ex if you keep this up.

Acknowledge that even though you are missing him, the relationship is over.

This is a reality that you do have to come to terms with.

Your breakup with your ex happened for a reason.

You are so focused on the good that came with the relationship that you are missing this reality.

This happens when a person is no longer with a past partner.

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You remember the good times because this is where your brain consciously takes you.

You are lonely, or haven’t found a new partner to do for you what he did.

Your brain replays moments and events from your past relationship with him.

This lackluster love life that has followed your breakup influences the images that you envision in your mind.

You remember how he made you feel when you first met.

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Those passionate jitters you felt when you were around him.

You feel it now.

You feel all those goosebumps all over again.

You remember how affectionate he was and how often he used his words to make you melt.

Well, you are also forgetting the fact that he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend and didn’t always treat your right.

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This was all an act and he had given you a false picture of who he really was.

Even if the break up came about as a result of something you did, there was a reason for that too.

Your heart wasn’t really in the relationship as much as you were pretending it was from the beginning.

There was a part of you that knew that you weren’t getting certain needs met.

You stayed in the relationship out of convenience but your heart wasn’t entirely in it.

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It’s probable you dated him as a rebound from a previous relationship.

Are you the type that goes from relationship to relationship without much of a gap in-between?

You never resolve the issues that lead to your breakups, as you are constantly in a hurry to get into a new relationship.

So, this guy wasn’t the right person for you in the first place, but you got into a relationship with him because this is your pattern of behavior.

Currently, you are not in a relationship and have had time to think about your previous one.

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This is when you start to miss him.

No one else is yet to replace him.

To overcome this, focus on yourself.

Take time off from romantic relationships and work on growing as a person.

Learn something new about life and pursue a goal.

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Let this be your fixation for a while.

In time, you discover that you no longer miss your ex and you have moved on.

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