We Both Admitted That We Like Each Other, What Now?

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We Both Admitted That We Like Each Other, What Now?

Go out together on a date.

It is important to begin more one on one interactions in the real world.

You may feel like you like each other but you don’t really know what your chemistry is going to be like when you interact in this kind of setting.

You shouldn’t delay this process by keeping communication relegated to quick five minute discussions as you pass by each other or discussions over social media or by phone.

You really need to start interacting with each other in a dating atmosphere.

When you are able to have real world experiences together, it will be easier for you to understand what kind of romantic chemistry you share, if any.

You may be nervous about taking things to this next level.

You may be happy that you like each other but may be worried that everything could be ruined if you started dating.

Well, you will have to take that chance.

If you delay, you will run the risk of allowing the opportunity to pass you by and ultimately becoming only platonic friends.

This is the result so many people in your situation experience when they delay.

You will just get to the point where no one is willing to make that next move.

As a result, someone’s interest is going to wane and ultimately disappear.

This person that you like may ultimately resort to dating someone else because neither one of you was willing to take the next step.

You shouldn’t allow things to get to this point.

If you have both admitted to liking each other, you should go out on a date as soon as possible.

You can keep things simple.

You don’t have to plan out something so elaborate.

You can simply meet for coffee or juice and have a chat.

You can have a simple picnic at the local park.

You can go on a walk together.

You can find a place to watch the sun go down as you share a glass of wine.

There are so many simple things you can do that don’t require a bunch of planning.

In fact, it is typically better to keep it simple at the start.

This is where a lot of people make the mistake.

He may believe that it is best to plot out an elaborate date being that it will be the first.

However, he may get so caught up and worried that this elaborate date will fail that he ends up not going through with it at all.

You shouldn’t fall into this trap nor should you give him the impression that you would want something so elaborate.

Just keep it simple to start.

Also, you should be open to being patient.

Don’t immediately assume that sparks are going to fly the moment you go out on your first date.

Sometimes, it takes a few more dates for you to start getting comfortable.

Allow the dating process to unfold in a natural way without trying to push it into any particular direction.

If the chemistry is truly there, you will feel it.

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