Is It Common To Change A Relationship From Friends To Lovers?

It is fairly common to change from friends to lovers, but there are caveats to this.

Is It Common To Change A Relationship From Friends To Lovers?Many people are taken by surprise when their relationship transitions from one of friends to one of lovers, but it happens.

Initially, they were platonic friends, but somewhere down the road romantic feelings developed for each other.

This being said, don’t get too excited about experiencing this transition in your own life.

The truth is, the majority of platonic relationships stay platonic, and this is especially true the longer the platonic relationship lasts.

There is something called the “friend zone.”

This is when someone puts you in a relationship category.

When you are in the “friend zone” category, it means that you are going to be seen as a friend for the most part.

It is grueling to get out of this category when you have been put into it.

The platonic friendship has solidified to such an extent that the idea of romance is unnerving.

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Keeping you in the friend category, feels more natural.

Although getting out of this zone is tough, that doesn’t mean you stay quiet about how you feel about your friend.

You are better off informing your friend, so that they are aware and have the onus to make a decision on what they want to do about it.

Do this urgently.

The longer the friendship lasts, the greater the odds you are inserted into this category, making it that much harder for your friend to see you as anything other than a friend.

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It’s less scary for you to hang around and do nothing, hopeful that somehow this friend magically changes their mind about you in the future.

This doesn’t work.

Action is required on your part to give yourself any shot at changing your relationship from friends to lovers.

What is the likelihood this person has romantic inclinations towards you but hasn’t acted on it, not knowing whether the sentiments are likewise?

This isn’t a unique occurrence.

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The quicker you act, the greater the odds you catch them while they have romantic inclinations towards you before those sentiments segue into putting you in the friend category from exasperation.

Everyone in your predicament worries about the prospect of rejection, and worse, losing out on their friendship in the event the sentiments aren’t likewise.

Don’t be worried.

Rejection is part of life and there is nothing wrong with it.

Much better to get rejected having done something bold than living the rest of your life regretting not taking action.

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A friend is a friend is a friend.

Your friendship isn’t in jeopardy upon revealing your romantic sentiments for this friend, irrespective of whether they feel likewise or not.

Good friendships are hard to find.

Most people never have any trouble remaining friends with someone who revealed their romantic inclinations towards them, as long as each party is mature and aware of the value of good friendships.

Act now.

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Your platonic friend isn’t going to stay single forever.

Stake your claim before someone else does.

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