Why Do I Feel Anxious When I Really Like A Guy?

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Why Do I Feel Anxious When I Really Like A Guy?

You may be worried that this guy that you really like won’t like you back. You may be so worried about this that it makes you feel anxious.

You begin to create stories in your head about how it would be if this guy knew that you liked him.

Due to being anxious, your mind will automatically go to the negative result.

You may see the both of you not getting along in your mind.

He may not laugh at your jokes or he may appear to seem disinterested in the conversation.

These anxious thoughts only give way to more anxiety.

Soon after, you are a mess of emotions.

You may also be anxious when you really like a guy because you have created too many expectations about how things should turn out.

You have created it to the point where you worry that things won’t move according to how you have envisioned them.

If you were to have a conversation with him and anything were to be out of place, it may make you nervous.

You may get worried that things aren’t following the path that you had envisioned.

You have created such an elaborate path towards being in a relationship with this guy that the moment something is amiss, you get anxious.

You wonder why he didn’t say something the way you had envisioned he would.

You worry why he doesn’t like a particular activity that you thought he would for sure like.

You also get anxious about the fact that he may have a different type of personality as you get to know him and this may not be coalescing with your own.

Again, you have created the perfect scenarios in your mind.

You want those scenarios to play out just as you may have seen them in your mind so that you know what to expect.

However, the anxiety that they won’t or the reality that they aren’t can be enough to make you feel anxious about this guy that you really like.

So, there is the danger of overthinking everything.

You overthink about what it would be like to date this guy.

You overthink about what kind of scenarios and interaction you will have. You overthink with your expectations.

There is simply too much activity going through your mind.

You will need to let your mind settle.

The moment you begin to notice that you are overthinking and your mind is taking you off into a tangent, you should calm yourself and focus on being present.

Once you can calm your mind, you can calm your expectations and be as tempered as possible.

Your best shot at having a good time with this guy or getting him to reciprocate is in allowing your interaction with him to unfold in a natural way.

The more you avoid getting caught up in the stories that you create in your head, the easier it will be for you to be yourself and not get anxious.

This is the position you should want to be in.

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