I Liked This Guy For A Long Time Yet I’m Dating Someone Else?

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I Liked This Guy For A Long Time Yet I'm Dating Someone Else?

There is a good chance that you still have strong feelings for this guy.

After all, you liked him for a long time and can’t seem to forget him.

Whenever you are dating this current person, you may be thinking of the other guy that you have liked for a long time.

This other guy may be in your thoughts constantly during the day or week.

You may even try to catch up with what they are doing through observing them on social media from time to time or asking mutual friends what he is up to.

Thereby, there is a very good chance that this guy has always been your first choice.

Perhaps you were never able to date this guy because no one made the first move.

Perhaps you did date this guy but due to a lack of understanding of what you or this guy wanted, things didn’t work out.

Regardless of how things transpired, you have ultimately ended up with someone else instead of the guy you truly like.

Does this sound like you?

It probably does.

Listen, if you truly have feelings for this other guy and you find yourself thinking about him a lot more than you think about the guy that you are currently dating, you have to end the relationship with this current guy.

It is unfair to you and to him as well to continue dating him when you know that you would much rather be with someone else and you can’t stop thinking about them.

This is a mistake that so many dating couples make.

One person starts dating because they want to forget someone else and have that new date be someone that becomes their second choice.

This means that they didn’t start dating this person on an honest and sincere level.

It wasn’t based on wanting a future with this person because they care about them and find a unique connection with them.

Instead, it was based on finding a replacement.

Unfortunately, starting to date someone else based on this kind of thinking rarely turns out well.

This person will always be second best.

They will not be able to match up with the guy that you really want.

You may even begin to compare this person with the guy you really want.

You may make it next to impossible to have this person be who they truly are and be judged on that.

This makes it that much more difficult to please you or impress you because there will always be someone better.

That person will always be the guy that you liked and for some reason never got to date or never got anywhere dating.

If you find yourself constantly thinking about this guy, wondering who he may be dating now or just wanting to be with him, you really need to end the relationship that you are currently in.

It is already doomed.

Just be honest with yourself and with him. This bodes well for the both of you in the long run.

He gets to move on to someone else who may like him completely and you get to assess yourself emotionally and allow yourself more time to heal from the emotions that you still have for this other guy.

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