First Date Ideas?

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First Date Ideas?

You could go to a coffee shop on a first date.

A coffee shop provides a really good environment for the both of you to interact.

It is typically relatively quiet and the environment is very laid back.

It is so important that your first date isn’t too much too soon.

You should want to put yourself in an environment where you can hear what this person is saying and where you can actually have conversation.

You should want to put yourself in an environment where there aren’t any major distractions.

When people make the mistake of going to a loud club, movie theater or concert on a first date, they already set themselves up for a very difficult time.

It is hard to hear someone in a loud club or have a conversation in a movie theater while the movie is playing.

It is hard to focus on the person you are with when there are so many people bumping into you at a concert.

Hence, your goal on your first date should always be to keep things simple with as few outside distractions as possible.

A good first date could also be an easy walk in the park.

Again, a park provides a very conducive environment to getting to know each other.

There are few distractions here and you can actually hear each other.

A park can be an area where you can take your walk and possibly sit on a bench to either take in all of what is around you or talk some more.

Remember, the goal of the first date is to establish rapport and chemistry.

This is the date that allows the both of you to know whether there is any real connection and whether you make each other feel good.

You don’t have to do anything extravagant on your first date.

Taking a walk in a park keep things simple and straightforward.

To extend from the park idea, you could also take a walk on a pier or a beach.

This adds scenery to your first date and can help provide a great feeling of being around such beauty.

It can put the both of you in a better mood.

It would even give you something to talk about if the both of you were to reach a point in your conversation that lags.

You would have the environment around you to bring you both back to an interesting topic of conversation and can consequently move on to another topic from there.

Have a picnic somewhere.

You could find a scenic spot in your town to set up your picnic.

It should be a place that is peaceful and photogenic.

It doesn’t have to be the traditional park.

You could set up a picnic anywhere.

If there is a beautiful spot that overlooks your city, you could go there for your picnic.

You don’t have to have anything elaborate to consume.

Some fruit, chocolate, vegetables, cheese, maybe even wine would suffice.

This is an environment that lends itself to easy interaction without overbearing distractions.

You could even decide to take some pictures together afterward in order to commemorate the experience.

You could play some mini-golf on a first date.

Mini-golf can be fun because the both of you can engage in conversation as you have a fun time at playing.

This is a good environment to learn more about each other while maintaining some physical mobility.

The mini-golf can be a helpful bridge between an old topic of discussion and a new.

It also creates a healthy and fun distraction.

It does help to build camaraderie as you compete. This is a fun engagement in a very laid back environment.

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