First Date Ideas?

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First Date Ideas?

Go to a coffee shop on a first date.

A coffee shop is quiet and laid back, providing the ideal environment to have conversations and hear each other.

A first date mustn’t be too much too soon.

Stick with environments that don’t have major distractions.

Going to loud environments like a nightclub, movie theater or concert on a first date, is a challenging approach for a first date.

Focusing on the person you are with when there are so many people bumping into you at a concert is a challenge.

Hard to hear what is being said when loud music is blasting through eardrums.

Meanwhile, a movie theater provides little time to have a conversation.

A good first date is free of redundant distractions.

Save those for later.

This early, talking to each other without distractions is priority.

Besides a coffee shop, a good first date is a tranquil walk in the park.

Similar to a coffee shop, a park is a conducive environment to conversation.

It’s quiet and there are few distractions.

Take your walk together, stop at a bench for a break and take in the scenery.

The goal of the first date is to establish rapport and chemistry.

A first date is a step towards knowing whether there is an authentic connection and without doing it in the right environment, you do yourself a disservice.

You don’t have to do anything extravagant on your first date.

Extending from the park idea, how about a walk on a pier or a beach.

This adds scenery to your first date and provides a great feeling of being around such beauty.

Human beings are visual.

Beauty elicits a good mood.

Scenery aids with conversation.

Wherever there is a lag in conversation, the scenery is ripe as a source of conversation to fill in the lag.

Have a picnic somewhere for a first date.

Pick a scenic spot in your town to set up your picnic.

A place that is peaceful and photogenic.

It doesn’t have to be the traditional park, set it up anywhere.

A beautiful spot that overlooks your city is a great choice.

The picnic doesn’t have to be elaborate.

Some fruit, chocolate, vegetables, cheese, and wine, works.

Like the other suggestions, a picnic eschews overbearing distractions.

The tranquility is palpable.

A first date of mini golf works too.

Although it’s a sport, it’s much less strenuous of a sport than many others.

Conversation flows without distractions as you two play and have fun.

The activity provides a topic of discussion when there are lags in conversation.

It’s tranquil and laid back.

This is the environment that works best.

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