Do You Ever Forgive A Partner Who Has Cheated? Is There A Way To Move On?

Do You Ever Forgive A Partner Who Has Cheated? Is There  A Way To Move On?

It is possible to forgive a partner who has cheated.

There have been many relationships that have recovered from infidelity and gone on to become successful.

It really depends on your partner’s character and their tendency to repeat.

If your partner has a pattern of cheating, it will be next to impossible to move on from this.

This is when cheating becomes more of a personality trait than abnormal behavior that is out of character.

On the flip side, if your partner cheated on you after being in a heated argument with you, this may be considered out of the ordinary if they have never had a history of cheating on you.

It still doesn’t excuse the fact that they cheated.

They are still responsible for their actions.

However, they never had a history of doing it until that argument occurred.

Normally, a partner acting in this way may be reacting without really trying to think things through.

They are so upset with you that they figure that they will try to hurt you back by cheating on you.

It is sad but true.

The rational part of the brain tends to take a backseat when it comes to reacting to heated arguments.

As human beings, we get selfish.

In these moments, we consider ourselves to be the victims.

We have been done wrong. Our partner is the bad guy.

As a result, your partner may act out what they are feeling in order to find a way to not only get back at you but to show themselves that they still matter.

This is when cheating takes on a whole other meaning.

It wasn’t done out of boredom with the relationship or even for want of sexual gratification, it was done in order to get back at a partner or just find a way to even things out.

Again, your cheating partner is still responsible for their actions.

Blaming it all on emotion and the result of an argument doesn’t absolve them from their responsibility.

However, in a scenario like this, particularly with a partner who has never cheated before, you may be able to find some deductive reasoning that could lead you to believe that there may be course to try again and move on from this incident.

This is especially true if your partner was the one who actually told you about the cheating incident soon after it happened and you didn’t find out through some other secondary means.

This would indicate that your partner felt guilt after the cheating incident and was trying to own up to what they did and face the consequences instead of trying to hide it from you.

However, if your partner has cheated on you in the past and has a history of cheating in previous relationships, it is unlikely that your relationship can move on from here.

Perhaps you already knew about your partner’s history but believed that things would be different with you.

You may have believed that there was a connection there that could never be violated.

Somehow, your relationship was going to be the one that wouldn’t fall prey to infidelity.

You really made yourself believe all this.

But now, the unthinkable has happened.

Your partner has cheated on you just like they cheated on previous partners.

This is when you will have to be assertive and use your common sense.

A repeat offender is not going to change.

You should end your relationship with a repeat offender and move on out of this relationship.

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