What Are Some Good Ways Of Predicting Whether A Guy Will Cheat Or Not?

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What Are Some Good Ways Of Predicting Whether A Guy Will Cheat Or Not?

His history helps.

If you know that he has had a history of cheating in his past relationships, there is a good chance that he will cheat on you as well.

This is especially true if he has been continually forgiven in the past.

If his past girlfriends constantly took him back even after knowing that he had cheated on them, this may have emboldened him.

He wasn’t getting any lasting punishment for his actions.

He may have gotten reprimanded at first.

The girl may have even broken up with him.

However, she came back.

She forgave him.

Well, if this has been the pattern with his past relationships, he may feel like cheating is something he is willing to take a risk on because he keeps getting forgiven.

Another good way to predict whether a guy will cheat on you or not is by how much and how often he flirts with other women.

A guy who is taken may smile at a girl that he finds attractive but he will often leave it at that.

If you notice that this guy doesn’t only smile but he goes all in with flirtation, there is a good chance that he will cheat on you at some point.

He may try to justify his flirting with so many girls as simply harmless fun.

However, it really isn’t.

All it really takes is for the right kind of girl to respond to him in the right kind of way.

She may be at the point in her life where she doesn’t care and just wants to be with a guy for the fun of it.

He sees an opportunity to get intimate with a girl that he knows isn’t looking for a commitment and the opportunity is too enticing to ignore.

He is that much more susceptible to giving in to the temptation to cheat with this girl because she is so attractive, so ready and so clearly not looking for a commitment from him.

How could he possibly let this opportunity pass him by?

He is used to flirting with girls that may or may not have been available.

However, this particular girl is just so forward and direct with what she wants.

Well, perhaps he can get with her just one time and let it be at that.

This is how he may try to justify what he is about to do with this girl.

Another good way to predict whether a guy will cheat or not is by how often he would much rather hang out with his friends than with you.

There is a need for a healthy balance of being with friends and being with a mate in a relationship.

However, if this balance is too one-sided, there is a good chance that he will cheat.

When he is so prone to going out with his friends and tends to cancel or avoid hanging out with you, he is putting himself in tempting arenas.

He can give in to peer pressure and decide to go for a girl he just spotted at a club or party because his friend told him that she was looking his way.

Since your presence isn’t there physically and he is surrounded by his encouraging friends, there is nothing discouraging him from making that move.

Throw the influence of alcohol into the mix and he is going to be even more uninhibited to go talk to her and ultimately cheat with her.

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