Why Do I Act Annoyed Around This Guy? I Think I Like Him?

Why Do I Act Annoyed Around This Guy? I Think I Like Him?

You may be acting annoyed around him as a way to ensure that you don’t allow yourself to give in to how you truly feel about him.

You think you like him.

Well, if he is constantly in your thoughts when he is not around, you do like him.

Now, you will have to come to terms with why you are so hesitant to let your guard down with him and be courteous or polite around him.

Perhaps you feel like he wouldn’t like you back the way you like him.

Maybe you are thinking that he has other girls that he may be talking to and you don’t want to be just another number.

You may even believe that by allowing yourself to open up to him and be civil, he will take that as a sign of weakness and use it against you.

These are all emotions or lines of thinking that must be dealt with and understood.

There is a reason why you act annoyed around him.

Listen, the more you do this, the less open he will be to talking to you or getting to know you.

If you like him, is this what you want?

Would you rather watch him date someone else that could have been you simply because you were too stubborn to smile at him or make him feel like you were open to being approached?

There is a good chance that you wouldn’t be very happy if you saw him dating someone else.

You would watch them and make judgments.

You may try to make yourself feel better by telling yourself that the girl isn’t as attractive as you are or you can do better than him.

However, that would simply be you lying to yourself.

Would you rather he continued ignoring you or continued being just as annoyed at you so that you can reinforce your line of thinking about him possibly being a jerk?

Well, how do you know that?

He could be a lot sweeter than what you have observed.

Perhaps he acts the way you do because he is defending his own pride and emotions as well.

Perhaps he may even believe that he must have done something to you in the past that may have led to you acting in this way.

As a result, he does his best to avoid you, not so much because he wants to but rather because he doesn’t want to get in your way.

He may even be asking his friends about why you hate him so much right this moment.

He may be trying to figure that out.

He may be replaying past moments in his head just trying to figure out at what point in his history he crossed your path and upset you.

All of this leaves him anxious and hesitant about how he should behave around you.

You see what is happening here?

He is reacting to what you are doing.

He is playing into your act based on a sense of uncertainty.

The funny thing is that the moment you simply say “Hello,” you could completely change the dynamic of what has been going on.

You may actually realize that he is not that bad of a guy after all.

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