I Can’t Get Over What He Said

I Can't Get Over What He Said

Words are powerful.

Don’t permit them to rule or determine how you feel about yourself.

Human beings are naturally cruel to one another.

This is part of our nature.

Regardless, you are in charge of how much power you give cruel words.

Cruel and insensitive words from a guy have no lasting effect when you don’t attach so much meaning to them.

Doing so, gives these words power and that is to your detriment.

It affects your psyche and consequently your whole well-being.

He has his opinion and that is his alone.

The intention behind using those words were to hurt you, irrespective of whether he meant what he said or not.

In permitting his words to hurt you, you are feeding into what he wants.

You give him the power.

Once you give him the power, you are extremely vulnerable.

From here, he knows how to manipulate you in the future.

He knows that by saying specific words, he is capable of triggering a negative reaction in you.

This gives him a magnitude of power that causes a profound imbalance in your relationship.

Unbeknownst to you, to avoid hearing those words, you make concessions in the hopes of winning his approval.

Whether it be in being extra nice to him or watching what you say so as not to incite his ire.

Unfortunately, he observes your behavior and determines that you are doing it to keep him from saying something that hurts you.

This further reinforces his power over you.

Remember, whatever he told you is his opinion and you have a right to have your own opinion.

Why does his opinion carry greater weight or relevance over your own?

This is your life.

Live it within the parameters of what makes you happy and at peace.

You can’t live your life for someone else or in a manner that is designed to make someone else happy or to receive their approval.

That isn’t living your life, is it?

It is like living as a robot.

Live your life on your own terms.

You are the one who looks at yourself in the mirror each day and the sole person who can live your life.

No one else can live it for you.

When there is something about yourself that you don’t like and believe needs to be improved upon, you have a choice to change it based on your own independent desire to do so and no one else’s.

It has to be based on what you want, and not on how someone else is making you feel about it.

When you base your actions on what someone else says, it never ends.

Changing something about yourself to win their approval, leads to their disapproval of something else.

You change that too, but it is not enough.

They now disapprove of something new.

An endless cycle of changes to no avail ensues.

When you want to change something about yourself, do so for you and no one else.

Happiness and a life of abundance is derived from how you feel within, not from what someone dictates is right or wrong about you or your life.


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