My Boyfriend Has Previously Cheated On Me, Should I Be Worried He’ll Cheat Again?

My Boyfriend Has Previously Cheated On Me, Should I Be Worried He'll Cheat Again?

Yes, you should be worried that your boyfriend will cheat again.

This is especially true if has has a history of cheating in his relationships.

This may have been the first time that he has cheated on you.

However, he may have cheated on his previous partners several times.

You will have to look back on his dating history to determine if he has had this kind of behavior.

This may require that you think back to conversations that he has had with you about his past girlfriends.

Did he mention infidelity?

Did he try to give excuses for those moments of infidelity?

Perhaps you accepted those excuses because he convinced you that he was a changed man.

Perhaps you accepted them because you liked him so much that you just wanted to give the relationship a chance.

However, he has done the unthinkable and cheated on you too.

You could also discover his history by simply talking to his exes or his friends and family.

If you have built a good rapport with his friends and family, they may be willing to be honest with you about his past.

This is how you can begin to gauge just how likely your boyfriend will cheat on you again.

His dating history is absolutely key. History tends to repeat itself.

You need to be ready and willing to accept whatever you discover.

If you discover that he has a past full of repeated acts of cheating, you can’t start making excuses for him.

This is what people tend to do when they are really in love with their partner.

They will find ways to excuse their partner’s behavior and begin to lie to themselves by saying that their partner will not do that to them.

You can’t be this person.

You have to be willing to take what you discover and use that to determine where you go from here.

If you find out that he has a history of cheating, there is a strong likelihood that he will cheat on you again.

Human beings are creatures of habit.

They tend to repeat themselves.

Another very effective way to figure out the likelihood of him cheating on you again is in the manner in which you discovered that he cheated on you.

If he didn’t come to you and tell you face to face about what he did but you were the one who found out instead by your own means, you have a much stronger likelihood that he will cheat on you again.

This is because you were the one that found out.

In essence, he was caught.

A thief is rarely remorseful until they are caught.

However, if he was the one who came to you to tell you about it and apologize about it, you may have a better chance that he won’t cheat again.

He came to you willingly.

You didn’t catch him in the act.

This shows a degree of sincerity on his part.

This is especially true when he gives you a full account of what happened and doesn’t try to hide anything.

He gets detailed.

He describes what led up to it, how he was feeling at the time and what exactly was done during the act.

This is him being honest and disclosing everything that happened.

There are no guarantees that he will not cheat again, but your chances are better when he comes to you about it than when you find out about it on your own.

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