Guys Never Commit To Me. They Act Like They Want It But Back Out Every Single Time

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Guys Never Commit To Me. They Act Like They Want It But Back Out Every Single TimeYou may be dealing with guys who have a fear of commitment.

If you have noticed that these guys were the same in their previous relationships, this may be your reason.

When you are dealing with guys like this, you are dealing with unpredictability. They may back out the moment they either reach a point where they feel like your feelings are much stronger than their own or you are no longer as intriguing.

At this point, it is no longer beneficial for them to continue being with you.

You may be constantly experiencing this with guys because you are constantly putting yourself around these kind of guys. You have to start thinking about the kind of guys you tend to date. If you keep dating the same kind of guys, you will keep getting the same kind of result.

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A good way to avoid this problem is to build relationships with mutual friends and even family members of these guys. Learn more about the guy from them before you start allowing yourself to become too emotionally invested in the relationship.

They friends and family members will be more prone to being honest with you as you continue to build rapport with them. You would be able to get more of the truth from them so that you know what to expect.

You can also look for clues in what he tells you about his past relationships. If those relationships were rocky and filled with infidelity, there is a good chance that he is going to find it hard to commit to you.

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You do need to take some responsibility in all of this. Try to reflect on the kind of guys you have been dating.

Reflect on whether you give yourself the opportunity to get to know them better through outside sources such as friends etc.

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Determine whether you have been trying to pick up on clues about their past relationships.

All of this can help you stop making the same mistake over and over.

If you feel like you haven’t been dating or falling for the same kind of guy and yet you continue running into this commitment problem, it may be because you rush things.

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You may not even be aware that you do. Some guys can get really nervous when they sense that a girl is been too pushy.

The guy may feel like you are pushing the relationship too fast and developing feelings too quickly.

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When they sense that your emotions are becoming too overwhelming, they may back out. They don’t want to feel trapped. They don’t want to get into a situation where they are dealing with emotions that they can’t match.

This scares them off.

You should really consider whether you tend to get into relationships too quickly.

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Are you the type that wants commitment immediately? Are you the type that sets lofty expectations before the relationship has had any time to develop a sense of direction?

If you are, you may need to make an adjustment. You may need to start taking things a little slower.

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You may need to start allowing the relationship the room to grow and develop at its own pace.

You do this and guys may stop backing out on you.

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