Should I Leave Him And Let This Relationship Go For Good?

Reflect on your relationship with him, while consciously circumventing the influence of your emotions.

Should I Leave Him And Let This Relationship Go For Good?Contemplating whether you should leave him has to be done with a clear head so that you don’t do something rash.

Acting on emotion renders you susceptible to making a miscalculation, one you regret later on.

That is no fun.

Reflect on what has been going on in the relationship.

Have there been numerous arguments that have gone unresolved?

Has there been infidelity?

Numerous arguments in a relationship have an underlying reason.

There is something you aren’t addressing in the relationship that is leading to these arguments.

Someone in the relationship is holding on to a grudge, feeling like they aren’t being given the respect or attention they deserve.

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Someone feels like there is too much unpredictability in the relationship and wants something more stable.

Someone perceives that outside relationships or influences are causing a strain on the dynamics of the relationship.

These are a few common underlying reasons behind why arguments happen in a relationship.

Rarely is the cause the inciting incident itself.

Ordinarily, there are underlying reasons.

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Determine what yours are.

Have the specific issues related to your relationship been resolved?

Does your partner know about these underlying issues in the first place?

As long as there are other good qualities to your relationship with this man, choosing to leave him without attempting to resolve the underlying issues that leads to arguments, isn’t smart.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

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Instead of jumping ship, talk to your partner about the underlying reasons behind the arguments.

A partner who believes that there are good qualities to the relationship knows the relationship benefits by addressing underlying issues that leads to these arguments.

There needs to be an equal investment in providing resolutions.

Resolutions aren’t a magic wand.

The issues won’t disappear with applying a resolution once.

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Just like breaking out of a habit, a daily application of effort is a must.

This means you are mutually ready to apply these resolutions in your daily lives for the duration of your relationship.

Discuss this.

A partner who shows hesitation in their preparedness to apply these resolutions consistently over the long term is a partner that you are better off leaving.

In the case of infidelity, you have a choice.

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Are you ready to forgive or not?

There is no in-between.

Saying you are ready to forgive means you forgive unconditionally.

The infidelity is never mentioned again nor do you use it as a weapon to keep your partner constantly walking on eggshells in your relationship.

Some relationships survive after infidelity, as long as there is forgiveness and a cheating partner who has genuine remorse for their action.

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This is where the cheating partner is accountable for their actions and does everything in their power to earn your trust back.

Any hesitation on your part to forgive unconditionally means you aren’t prepared to forgive.

In which case, you should leave him.

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