What To Do? Guy Kissed His Ex?

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What To Do? Guy Kissed His Ex?

If this is a guy that you have been dating, this is not a good sign.

If he kissed his ex, there is a good chance that he still has feelings for her.

You will have to really take an assessment of the kind of relationship that you have with him.

He may tell you that kissing his ex was a mistake.

He may tell you that it was something that happened at the spur of the moment and it won’t happen again.

However, the fact that he has done this once typically means that he is capable of doing this again.

This is where you will have to make a decision.

Should you stop dating or talking to this guy or should you give him another chance?

You will have to start taking note of yourself and why you are with him in the first place.

You are better off when you are not with him out of desperate emotional need.

This is when you would be more susceptible to staying in a relationship that isn’t right for you.

You should have enough of a personal identity to understand that you can be without him and still be okay.

The point I’m trying to make is that you do need to understand why you are in this relationship in the first place.

When you understand that, you will know where you stand emotionally and whether you can easily break away.

If you feel too much of an emotional connection to him, it will be harder for you to think this through with a clear head.

This is why it may be best that you go away for a while or cut off communication for a while so that you can think.

When you are still emotionally caught up in the moment, you may find it more difficult to think clearly.

If this is a guy that you have merely gone on a few dates with, you may be better off ending the relationship now before deeper feelings set in.

If this is a guy that you have been seeing for a while, you may have to assess your relationship on a deeper level.

Think back to how he has behaved up until this point.

Perhaps he has been a good boyfriend to you and treated you right.

You may feel a much stronger emotional connection to him because of this.

However, you shouldn’t let this cloud your judgment.

If you have built up a relationship with him to this point, you may be better off breaking it off for a while and becoming friends instead.

Observe how he behaves during this time to determine whether he is worth dating again.

He may regret kissing his ex. He may have even done so because he just had a fight with you on the day of and was emotionally weak.

There is no real excuse for infidelity but these are some things you can consider.

Once you make your move, stay with it.

You need to be resolute in what you believe is the right course of action from here on out.

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