When Is It Okay To Kiss Someone That You Are Romantically Interested In?

It is okay to kiss someone when a potent sense of chemistry is there, and going for a kiss totally feels natural.

When Is It Okay To Kiss Someone That You Are Romantically Interested In?In this case, the kiss just happens.

There was a lot of eye contact and conversation beforehand that allowed the both of you to feel more connected.

A sense of ease was evident between each party.

They can easily be around each other for possibly hours and never get bored.

There is a desire to find out more about the other and keep interacting.

Kissing happens once they have both reached a level of comfort that makes them want to go further.

They want to share something intimate, wanting to take that romantic connection to the next level.

It is okay to kiss when you are feeling these emotions and the feeling is mutual.

You can tell that the feeling is mutual through the level of comfort that you feel for each other.

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How well the conversation has been going, and how at ease you are with each other are factors that are staunchly present.

This facilitates mutual flirting.

Observe each other’s body language.

Consistent touching is a strong sign of romantic interest.

How often have you touched each other’s arms, faces, thighs, etc., as you have been chatting?

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How often has this other person leaned into you as they were speaking or listening to you?

How often have they tried to lightly brush something off your blouse or remove a piece of lint from your face?

These are all significant signs that they have reached a strong level of comfort with you.

They want to get closer.

They want the feeling of physical connection that they get when they touch you in some way.

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This person reaches such a level of comfort in discussion with you that they ask you about kissing and whether you like it.

They tell you about how much they like it or how it makes them feel when they experience the right kind of kiss.

These are all hints that you are being looked at as a possible prospect.

Watch for how often this person looks at your lips as you have conversations, and whether said lips are complimented.

The frequency and intensity in how the person flirts with you is a blatant hint they want to kiss you.

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It is okay to kiss someone when you simply feel that it is right.

Sometimes, the romantic electricity is there on the very first date or two.

Other times, it takes a few more dates to get there.

When the person has been consistently going out with you on a number of dates, they are clearly showing that they are romantically interested in you.

You aren’t certain if it is okay to kiss this person, as they aren’t showing you the signs that you are used to seeing.

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Nevertheless, when this person has already been on multiple dates with you and has enjoyed them every time, they are showing romantic interest.

They are too shy to show that they are ready for a kiss and are leaving that to you to decide.

Take the multiple dates as a strong sign that this person is interested and simply go for the kiss.

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