What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Isn’t In Love With Me But He Stays With Me Because I’m A Good Woman?

What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Isn't In Love With Me But He Stays With Me Because I'm A Good Woman?

If you want to be truly loved, you are better off leaving your boyfriend and ending the relationship.

Your boyfriend may be playing it safe by staying with you.

He may be settling.

This often means that he will not always do things out of passion and desire.

He will do them out of necessity or duty.

He is your boyfriend and he would feel like he was obligated to do nice things for you.

This can easily start making you feel like you are being done a favor or that he is somehow trying to appease you.

This kind of feeling can really take its toll on your psyche over a sustained period of time.

You never want to get to the point where it feels like your boyfriend is doing you a favor by being your boyfriend.

You will notice that he is hanging out with you out of necessity or safety rather than because he truly wants to be there.

He may even try to say nice things to you because he knows that you want to hear those words but you know that he doesn’t really mean them.

Staying with you because you are a good woman may honestly not be enough if you are hoping to be loved in return.

You may reach a point where you even begin to detest him.

He may remind you of how unloved you are every time you are with him and this could easily lead to depression and unhappiness.

Suddenly, you may begin to act out.

You may get angry with him on a regular basis without provocation.

You may begin to insult him just to bring him down to your level.

You may even just start tuning off yourself.

You are now at a place where you know that the love from him isn’t there so you simply make yourself numb to his advances.

In other words, you develop a buffer that is being used to guard your heart but at the same time is forcing you to be unloving.

This is a negative reaction that could easily occur in this scenario and it is not healthy.

You will have to figure out what is most important to you.

If you feel like the love is simply not there and it is something you want, you may be better off ending your relationship with your boyfriend.

Don’t make the mistake of staying in the relationship in the hopes that your boyfriend will eventually come to love you like so many do.

This rarely happens.

Your boyfriend’s mindset isn’t intent on falling in love one day.

It is intent on simply existing with you and going through the motions in life.

It is not set on anything as powerful as love.

In some ways, he has resigned himself to simply being in a relationship of convenience.

This kind of mindset isn’t open to love now or in the future.

It has worn out its energy.

If you want to be loved, end your relationship with your boyfriend and find someone else.

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