Would You Ask Him Out If You Were Me?

Would You Ask Him Out If You Were Me?

If he you are both single and available, you should ask him out.

It can be so easy to make yourself believe that you shouldn’t.

You may begin to tell yourself that this isn’t how it is supposed to work.

He should be the one to do it.

You may even tell yourself that it would be inappropriate for you to do so.

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However, do understand that things have come this far for a reason.

You clearly have feelings for this guy.

There is something about him that makes you think about him on a regular basis.

Even when you try to focus on other things, he still finds a way to get back into your thoughts.

This is all for a very valid reason.

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You are attracted to him and want more.

If you know that he is single, you would be better off asking him out and getting this out of the way than wasting even more time.

If you were to continuously delay, you may lose him either to someone else or just lose his interest completely.

Time is such a crucial factor.

It may be seemingly infinite.

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However, you can only play into this for so long.

There is normally a time window that people have when they are single and interested.

They have that window for only so long.

Some windows may be shorter or longer for others but ultimately the window will close at some point.

You don’t want your window to close.

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If your window closes, he has moved on either emotionally or has started seeing someone else.

If this were to happen, you would more than likely regret the fact that you didn’t make a move when you should have.

This is why you shouldn’t fall into the trap of believing that you can take all the time in the world on this.

You can’t. Your time is now.

If you are not entirely sure if he is single or not, you can easily find that out when you start a conversation with him.

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He will drop hints during your conversations or he may just say it right out.

There is no reason for you to delay any further.

Why would you delay?

Yes, I know, you are worried about the whole thing.

However, understand that a lot of why you worry is due to what you have made your mind believe.

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Those stories that you are telling yourself in your head will only force you to keep on doing nothing because they will continue feeding the worry.

However, remember that these are only stories that you have created in your head.

They are not real.

Creating stories is a mistake that so many make in your situation.

They allow themselves to believe the stories that they have fabricated. They give those stories way too much power.

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Do yourself a favor and refrain from doing that.

If you want to ask him out, do it.

Do it because you would finally allow yourself the opportunity to get a yes or no.

Either way, you have gotten your answer and you can move forward with life.


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